The Annunaki To The Rescue

The Golden Lions Are Coming


There Is A Pyramid In Antarctica…


For most people it is completely hard to believe that that our earth is currently under siege from Reptilians walking around pretending to be human. Our world Governments are filled with nasty creatures who look human but in actual fact have been taken over by a race of alien creatures who have little respect for humanity or the earth.

This is not the first time these creatures have devoured worlds or caused in house fighting, religious upheaval and the complete destruction of a planet. They did the same thing on Venus many thousands of years ago because they wanted the same controls. This behavior totally destroyed Venus and it looks like Humans are headed the same way.

If you listened to the 30 minute MP3 I recently did concerning this fact, you would know that the Reptilians are not going away without a fight. If you haven’t previously heard the conversation then you can listen here

Senator John Kerry recently went to Antarctica to basically plead for his life along with all the other human-reptilian hybrids that currently run our US Government. Since when does a foreign dignitary go to Antarctica, unless he is speaking with beings who are NOT human and “foreign” from where exactly? Kerry’s job description as Secretary of State calls for foreign discussions toward other human beings and not personal visits to Antarctica? See more about his visit here…

I am very aware of the conversation Kerry had with the Annunaki and other alien beings who were all present on this day he arrived. The Annunaki King Arneesh speaks with me everyday now and he filled me in on the conversation they had with Kerry. Let me just say this, there is an Annunaki base in Antarctica and these beings are living there now.

Even Buzz Aldrin was recently tweeting about his experience in Antarctica. The media quickly covers up his truth by saying Buzz is ill and doesn’t know what he is saying, he is delirious and not in charge of his full mind. Believe me he was telling the truth when he said we are all in danger…and I know why. 


Here is what our Government knows and will NEVER tell any of you about:
Many of the Walmart’s will be used in the near future as places for aliens to come shopping. You see the elites have a sick plan they have NOT shared with anyone else. King Arneesh tells me these places will be used to initially lure people into thinking this is where they will come for supplies from the Government. Walmart’s will be looked upon as places of sanctuary once the Cataclysmic events start occurring in the USA like intense volcanoes, viral epidemics and the collapse of our society. (This has all been done by design to lure YOU into thinking Walmart’s are where your family can survive with the Government looking after us.) 

At first there will be people going to Walmart to get food, water and blankets after the Media tells everyone this is where they need to go for supplies. (Walmart was always set up for this very purpose and the history on Sam Walton is a dark one.)  Once the crowd has their supplies, they will  naturally run back and tell others where to go for provisions too and the Reptilians are counting on it. Without even knowing these people will be helping in the lure and trapping of other human beings.

I am going to warn people now DO NOT to go to any Walmart Centers when the media call goes out after a cataclysmic event occurs, it will be a trap of the worse kind. The false alien invasion is coming soon courtesy of our lying Government. The Reptilians would have Earthlings believe the Annunaki will be responsible for all the chaos occurring on earth and we all need to fight off this menace together. This will be a lie of the worse kind.

The Walmart’s are going to be set up as places for aliens to purchase human beings. Some of us will be taken off world and placed into breeding programs or studied for scientific purposes, while others as a food source and then ultimately becoming slaves to other species who want to keep humans as pets. The movie Jupiter Ascending relays the absolute truth about the future of humanity and who runs the Universe. If you will notice the image below shows Earth being overshadowed by a huge planet in the horizon. That’s just more truth of what is coming to our skies very soon. See more concerning this movie here…


  • The Annunaki originally bred humans thousands of years ago as a slave race to extract gold for them. However they now see we are ready to graduate from Kindergarten to Grade School. They will be signing us up onto the Galactic Empire as a new species entering these planetary rules.  Star Wars movies do not seem so fantastical anymore does it? Don’t be surprised if we see more alien visits in the near future as Earth becomes a place where all races, species and aliens can live and co-mingle in peace.  Read the book of Enki on this truth here….
  • Some of the bartering and trading going on with other alien species will include humans. It is the Reptilians who set this up and has very little to do with the Annunaki. The Reptilians have arranged for other species of aliens to partake in the human delights. This is really why Buzz had his heart attack because he found out the truth and was terrified of what is coming.
  • There is no Jesus or religion and it was set up as the biggest lie ever, so that human beings would remain in a constant state of ignorance and denial. This was deliberately done so when the day arrived for humans to know the actual truth, they still wouldn’t believe what was placed before them. This scripture comes to mind from the bible: “But the sons of the kingdom will be cast into the outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” Matthew 8:12. The outer darkness refers to being sent out into space and the regret of not listening or heeding the warnings.
  • The Seventh scroll opening is spoken about in the Book Of Enki but also in the bible. “When the Lamb broke the seventh seal on the scroll, there was silence throughout heaven for about half an hour.” Revelation 8:1.  The actual scrolls belong to the Annunaki and the King referred to in the bible is King Anu. The “Great father of all”  first born son was actually ANU and not some human character made up by the church called Jesus. Oh and by the way, there is no rapture either unless you include humans being taken off world into some alien breeding program, that will be the real rapture.

The Annunaki King Arneesh told me of these events recently and I totally believe him. He asked me to pass this information onto you and he wanted everyone  to know why some of these events have to play out on Earth first. He wants you to know there are non interference Galactic Empire laws that all alien species are governed by.  Unfortunately the Reptilians do not like abiding by these laws and why they are now causing havoc on earth before the empire comes after them.

All of the technology our scientists and NASA know was stolen off spaceships that crashed or aliens that died in facilities. We were NEVER given permission by the Galactic Empire to create dark matter or nuclear weaponry. However Earth has now reached the age of Dark Matter from Cern and why some things must play out now. You can thank the Reptilians for most of the issues we are currently experiencing on this planet because they refuse to play by the Galactic rules and encouraged world leaders to take technology and abuse it.

Reptilians and the Annunaki

The Annunaki are very aware that Reptilians actually control hybrid humans and clones currently running world Governments.  The Annunaki are not going to allow the Reptilians to  destroy everything on earth as they did with Venus. They are absolutely disgusted with these hybrid humans who have been drinking and consuming human fluids and flesh from the most innocent in our society. We have sicko’s running everything at the moment but that time is coming to an end very soon.

I have been told by Arneesh “There are changes coming very soon and we will not tolerate this disgusting behavior for much longer.”  I will say this to you… our Government officials are cowards because they only went to Antarctica pleading for their lives and not on behalf of the rest of the people who live on this planet. There were other provisions Kerry also discussed with the Annunaki that were considered or agreed upon as well. I assure you there isn’t that much trust placed in human-reptilian hybrids where the Annunaki are concerned. They are VERY aware of all the evil committed on planet Earth and who is totally responsible for it.

I now spend time everyday with Arneesh and I educate him on modern human behavior, our Earth, corporation greed and the destruction of earth, the dumbing down of humanity and religious evil. I also share with Arneesh, those of us who really want to see brighter days and a better future for humanity. Those people who love and care for the earth and want to see healthy happy children playing and giggling once more.

I am here to say the Annunaki want to see Earth join the Galactic Empire and reach for the stars too but before that happens there are going to be some major upheavals on earth and you had better be prepared for it.

Once the pole shift happens our earth will not be the same…nor will our system of living, commerce, energy or even the way we grow food. Everything will be changing and why you will NEVER hear anything like this from our world leaders. They know they are about to lose power and it’s become a fearful and dangerous time for them. They know their days are numbered and there will be a recall of past behavior presented to the Annunaki judicial system. 

YES PEOPLE there is a Galactic Empire that Earth will be joining soon and when that day happens, there are certain rules that must be abided by all alien species who come here to visit and live on planet Earth.  

Once Earth is established under these Galactic rules, beings like the Reptilians will have very little control over us anymore and they know it. In order to maintain some sort of control over the earth now, the Reptilians are saying they will cause as much chaos, destruction and sickness now if they can’t have a say. They are also threatening to extinguish up to 80% of Earth’s population with a viral epidemic if the Annunaki will not agree to their terms.  This is what humanity faces now and what you will never hear coming out of our leaders mouths because most of them are hybrids themselves. The problem with our world leaders is they have already pledged their services to the Reptilians and cannot leave them even if they wanted to. So our world leaders are screwed and have nothing to lose at this point in time but cause problems.

The Annunaki were one of the FIRST species ever created in the Universe and they were also given the gift of creation, intelligence, power and laws by the great father of all. They can shake the very foundations of the Universe and have more power than most of us will ever know. The Golden Lions are coming back to take their place on Earth. I hope you are ready because big changes are coming to our world very soon….

Author: Victoria Kelley

I have been given the ability to converse with spiritual beings and aliens since I was 3 years old. I am now speaking and teaching other humans the wisdom and education that was given to me. I have been instructed to relay and pass messages onto humanity so they too can learn the real truth.

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