Annunaki King Arneesh

Taq-e Bostan

Kings of the Universe

While most of what I am relaying to you are the conversations from Arneesh, this education also applies to the time zone humans now live in. Some of what I am passing on to you will not be comfortable to hear but I have been told you need to listen to it anyway.

About Arneesh: For starters he is 22 feet tall and he is not Nephilim as the bible will tell you. He is Annunaki and is over 180,000 years old. The bible is a book of good advice and stories but there is no Jesus per-say and Arneesh tells me it is the folklore and lies told on this planet that is part of our entire problem.

gods-enkiHe is a powerful King that dresses in head to toe Gold. He looks like a buffed gladiator who is ready for battle and he wields a powerful sword, he keeps sheathed by his side.

Arneesh wears a magnificent crown on his head in the same style as other Annunaki crowns and has a braided beard with long dark hair. He looks very much like the statues you see carved on ancient stone walls. Arneesh has brilliant blue eyes that sparkle when he speaks and is about the most handsome beautiful being you could ever want to lay eyes upon. Sometimes I see him sitting in a great chair on his spaceship that he currently has parked near Venus. Yes people the Annunaki did live on this planet for quite some time back in the days of the Egyptians and Babylonians.

Arneesh has reigned over different regions of space for over 120,000 years and is in charge of this particular region of space. He can shapeshift into a Golden Lion when he chooses and is quite capable of silencing any menace on Earth and the Reptilians know it.

The great Annunaki King Anu still exists and overseas all the other Kings. There are currently 23 other kings who have dominion over their predestined areas of the Universe. Arneesh is the sky commander over Earth and his region of space is vast. He controls planets whereby billions of different Alien life forms exist and where each planet is monitored frequently. Right now Earth is the hot button topic because of what the Reptilians are doing to our planet.

Actually the Reptilians are afraid of the Annunaki returning and why the Bush Crime Family really wanted to go into Iraq in the first place. They were trying to find the hidden gateways and destroy them all before the Annunaki arrived back on Earth.

“Imagine this scenario. The U.S. government obtains intelligence that hidden somewhere in central Iraq is an actual stargate, placed there by the Anunnaki ‘gods’ of ancient Sumeria… In this scenario, when Nibiru (the alleged “twelfth planet”–J.T.) is closest to Earth, the Anunnaki ” will “take the opportunity to travel to Earth through that same stargate and will set up their encampment in Iraq.” 


The truth is there are stargates the Annunaki have hidden on this planet and they have plans to use them again. They are not silly enough to divulge the locations of where they are either, so Nato being in the Middle East will still not prevent the arrival of the Annunaki. These powerful alien beings actually find war mongering humans amusing in their behavior. As Arneesh says “To think these little men actually believe they can control the Lords of the Universe.” as he laughs about these futile and stupid attempts in his deep voice. In other words there is no military weapon you can use against the Annunaki that will work because they can easily squash us like bugs. I have been told these Earthlings will do as they are commanded and no little toy gun or military plane is going to stop us.

I assure you, the elites who think they run our world have become totally demented and out of control.Some the mind confusion was done on purpose by the Annunaki, so the rest of us could actually see the darkness in our world leaders. The Annunaki confused the minds of these elites and allowed them to think they were powerful and ran the world. In our leaders arrogance their true intent was exposed which we now see as insane, depraved, decadent, war mongering, blood lusting imbeciles.

All those bunkers the elites have built underground with food stores and supplies, well the Annunaki have a little surprise in store for them too and it’s not going to be pretty. Did these elites really think they could hide inside the Earth, while the rest of us were left on the surface to try and survive Nibiru?

Yes people; Arneesh assures me Nibiru will shortly be here and it will be a devastating event on this planet when it finally arrives. Our Government knows all about this planet but have no plans on telling you about the arrival, so I am. Already we are seeing other planets in the sky, increased earthquakes, drought and a few other tell tale signs but the fun hasn’t even begun yet.


Stolen Alien Technology 

The Annunaki also want humans to know, every last piece of Alien technology NASA and the worldwide Military Complex has been using-testing for over 50 years, has been STOLEN. We were never given permission to use or copy any of it. Arneesh says it was not the fault of some poor alien who crashed on Earth and had his spaceship used for illegal purposes while his body was dissected into a million different pieces. The Annunaki blame the humans for their arrogance and there is no excuse they can make about stealing information we were NOT ready for. The stolen technology problem according to the Arneesh is about to be rectified as well.

There must a lot of people walking this Earth right now living in fear concerning the day the Annunaki return because I assure you justice is about to be served.

The Annunaki also have the ability to defuse Nuclear technology but are more concerned over the experiments CERN are doing. DARK MATTER is no joke and one of the most recent earthquakes in Italy happened because Cern is playing around with matter they cannot control. There is a huge crack in a nearby mountainside in Italy, that runs for miles now and the crack only appeared  after the earthquake happened. Arneesh tole me it was Cern who did this.

Dark matter has been known to engulf worlds and totally destroy them and why CERN is not going to be allowed to continue this dangerous experiment for much longer. The  energy portals Cern is opening up, allow for some of the nastiest dark entities to enter our Earth. Once again you can thank the Reptilians for this stolen technology and bringing in the dimensional shape shifting creatures to Earth. I have been told a mega demonic entity has been loosed upon our planet now and his job is to create havoc and war.

What’s Coming To Earth Soon By Arneesh


For too long human beings have basically been fed lies and kept in the dark about everything happening on our planet. The Reptilians who reside on Earth are being exposed as cruel task masters who consume children and other human beings and they have become very angry knowing their deception is no longer working. The reptilians want revenge before they are escorted out the door and kicked off planet Earth.

As I have mentioned before, the Reptilians are threatening to exterminate 80% of humanity if they can’t get what they want from the Galactic Empire. The Reptiles have been told to leave our planet and they have decided if that’s the case they are NOT going away without a fight.

YOU need to know this information so you can move to higher ground and away from areas of the coastline that may soon be underwater. The Reptilians are also threatening to lay waste to this planet with up to three nasty epidemics. These epidemics will be weaponized which means… highly infectious.  If you can get out of the cities, now is the time to do it.

There will be mega Earthquakes that will destroy many parts of the planet and much of the technology we currently use, will no longer work or will be very limited in its ability. There will be sleeping volcanoes that will be erupting and the Pole Shift will ultimately change the landscape of our planet.

Arneesh wants you to know this event has occurred on earth before and once the planet has been cleansed, humans will have the ability to work from a clean slate. To evolve our species as explorers in the Universe just like the Startrek episodes said we could. The Earth will be transformed into a planet of peace, enlightenment and respect. We will be able to welcome other alien species to our planet as friends and neighbors along with conducting business in a way that will enhance our technology for the better.

Replicators, sonic showers and technology to cure disease already exists throughout the universe now. Clothing that basically disappears from your body as you remove it, with no need to wash ever also exists. Temperature controlled environments without using fossil fuels exists as does building spaceships.  Zero point energy already exists, which means no drilling or poisoning the Earth anymore. The ability to communicate from planet to planet is something easily done. These are just some of the gifts other alien species wish to share with us. Arneesh told me that our species should have been in the stars over 200 years ago but the propaganda and dogma has held us in a perpetual state of ignorance on this planet.

Humans have been deliberately held back by the Reptilians who have lied about everything. It is the Reptilians that do not want us to have any of this technology because as their preferred slave race, they believe we are not entitled to have it.

I say hybrid Reptilian humans and the Reptilian race on earth can go suck a lemon. It is humanities time to shine and reach out into the Universe. Change is coming to Earth soon and there is nothing these creeps can do about it anymore.

I for one am looking forward to a dramatic change on Earth, how about you?


Author: Victoria Kelley

I have been given the ability to converse with spiritual beings and aliens since I was 3 years old. I am now speaking and teaching other humans the wisdom and education that was given to me. I have been instructed to relay and pass messages onto humanity so they too can learn the real truth.

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