Why Our Children Are Under Seige


Arneesh my Annunaki friend and King, has been educating me on what is happening to the children on Earth and why. The above graphic image is how I see Arneesh from my third eye. He is very powerful and someone who commands great respect from his subjects. He is about the wisest being I have ever spoken with and it’s been an amazing series of educational experiences when Arneesh speaks to me. 

You as the reader do not have to believe any of what I write here but when an Ancient King speaks (who has lived hundreds of thousands of years), I choose to listen to his council. He sees events occurring on a dimensional level,  which is something most humans will never fully comprehend unless they work their third eye more. Arneesh has seen all there is to see within the Universe so I willingly choose to listen to his council, especially over the liars and thieves we currently have running our Earth.

The first thing I really want to mention is the lie that has been told about the Annunaki for thousands of years. They were made out to be bullies and slave masters, when in fact it was the Reptilians who spread these lies about them. It was the Reptilians who are the real slave masters, with evil intent against humanity and not the Annunaki.

The Reptilians told these lies by tainting our history and taking powerful, ancient blessed symbols like the Swastika and turning it into evil and power. Ancient Annunaki symbols have also been used to train your mind into thinking, everything this alien species did was evil. You and I were never supposed to trust the Annunaki because of the Reptilian propaganda spread across the earth. Even Zachariah Sitchin’s books did not tell the complete truth about the Annunaki and why I have been asked to relay these messages now. The Annunaki want humans to know it is the political and religious dogma that is killing our planet fueled on by dark forces such as the Reptilians.

The human elites who currently walk this planet are mostly hybrid reptilians, so they will always choose to back up their masters by continuing the lie. Some of these lies include religion, earth’s history about the pyramids, world politics, wars and money. Hegelian Dialect comes to mind here and you should look up what that means sometime because it includes you and everything you were ever taught.

The only thing these disgusting hybrid elites care about is the complete and utter domination of all human beings living on planet earth, with us being their pets and slaves. They don’t want us to think, feel, procreate or even exist without their permission. So I ask you…who really are the slave masters because it sure isn’t the Annunaki. 

I myself am a Hybrid Annunaki who originally came from the house of the Bull. I am considered to be of the pure blood line and no… I do not have RH Negative blood either. I am not ashamed of who I am and consider myself fortunate. Because of my lineage; I strongly believe this is why I can communicate so well with spiritual and alien beings. Arneesh also informs me that I am about 30% Lyran which makes me unique in the eyes of many other aliens. The Annunaki have the ability to trace our bloodlines to the very beginning of our ancestral existence, by simply concentrating on any human being they choose.

Actually if truth be told most human DNA is already intertwined with “Other” DNA in their sequence and science knows all about it. So the whole ALIEN thing is right there in your genes people. We are all part alien and our DNA says so too.

I am being educated by an Annunaki King who I feel has so much wisdom to impart to all of humanity and why passing this information onto you, also matters for the future of our species. I have found Arneesh to be a kind and concerned being over the future of our Earth. He is nothing like the lies Reptilians have told humanity about the Annunaki at all.

Instead I have found this King to be the complete opposite of cruel and arrogant. He is someone who wants to help humanity reach out into the Universe. He wants to help us break free from our current enslavement of death and destruction from the Reptilians and he wants you to know “The Golden Lions Are Coming To Fix The Issues On Earth.” There will be a war in heaven and on Earth but it will be done to eliminate the Reptilians and bring back order to our Earth.

About Our Children Suffering Abuse


I asked Arneesh why children are being used in sick ritualistic ways or being killed and consumed. To the Annunaki this is a disgusting practice and they plan on putting an end to it. He tells me this is being done for 2 different reasons. 

Dark entities consume the most innocent because their energy is pure and tasty. Another reason why children are fed to dark forces; when the Annunaki created humanity, they made special energy provisions for childhood. We all could have been born adult clones  if the Annunaki chose this but instead they decided we all should have a happy childhood and learn from the experiences.

“Children are precious points of light that carry within their tiny bodies the hope of humanity, creation and human children have the ability to teach other alien species how to experience joy, laughter and love. Many aliens were created from clones so they do not experience things in the same way earthlings do. That’s what makes your species so special.” 

“We created all humans to have a childhood because we wanted them to understand what true laughter, innocence and joy was about. We wanted you to remember this always and model your lives based on your love of life. When we decided to create your species, we also wanted to include the growing up process and the memories of being a child. We made children the greatest gift of all because to most parents, their children are their lives.”

“We find children beautiful beyond belief because they are little points of light that shine out into the Universe. Children instinctively know the true essence of living, which is unadulterated love and joy. They bring happiness to adults around them and they inspire fantasy and creativity, they have no fear or misconceptions about life. We deeply encourage earthlings to have fantasies as children because this inspires dimensional creations, which can be recreated anywhere throughout the Universe. Were you aware of this fact?”

“Anything your world can imagine has usually been seen first through the eyes of a child and we absolutely love the beautiful energy children carry within their bodies. It is so amazing to us and the energy is a great gift to the entire Universe. To see through the eyes of a child….is that not what you say to each other as adult earthlings?”

Why Do Dark Beings Consume Children? 

From Arneesh,

When we first created your species, we wanted you all to experience the joy of being a child so you could see the Universe from within your heart and mind. We made you long for the stars, to look toward the heavens and wonder what was out there. To reach out and touch more than your eyes could see, to feel, explore and become great. You have the power to be one of the most powerful races in the Universe, if you could just unshackle yourselves from this darkness. This is what dark beings really fear, the day you all discover just how powerful a species you really are.”

“Humans were originally created from the DNA of the Great Annunaki King Anu.  You have the power to override any obstacle that becomes a negative influence on your planet. The Reptilians actually fear the day when humans discover just how powerful they really are. We gave you the gift to communicate with us anytime you wanted through your Pineal Gland. Human children still carry this hope within their bodies because of their innocence. It was always our intention to give each of you a piece of this strength, so that you would never forget you were literally created from the Gods.”

“To keep you all in subjection to the Reptilians, children are being subjected to the most despicable, disgusting acts so their innocent energy is constantly extinguished on earth. Children are literally being drained of any power, so they can never rise up and overtake the darkness. The innocent’s flesh and fluids are being consumed, so these dark beings can consume that energy because it’s that tasty to these dark entities, it is like a rich dessert your species would enjoy. Children are kept on the menu so these beings of darkness can feel powerful. So they can continue to control your species.”

“You must free yourselves of these cheap and useless distractions placed upon your being. You are being controlled so that you never question what your own kind is doing to your DNA. The Reptilians are trying to eliminate the Annunaki gene in humanity or the original power we gave you through Anu’s genes. Your body is just a shell that protects the existing power in each individual earthling. You are energy and even have the power to shape-shift when you use your mind dimensionally.  The Reptilians are trying to erode your power and set up a worldwide control mechanism which is designed to keep you all compliant and obedient. Your phone devices are a good example of this mind erosion.”

“Protect your children and keep them close by, so your child can grow up to know the real truth of us and human history. Allow them to be a child for as long as they wish…because it’s really good for humanity and they are your biggest hope for a new world. Your children are more precious than you will ever know and they matter to millions of beings throughout the Universe. How beautiful human children are to the Annunaki.”

“By the way we are the true lords of the Universe and still recognize the Great Father of all. We are also part of his creation but we the Annunaki are also your creators and this gift was given to us, to use as we saw fit. We made the Earthlings and we plan on protecting our creation away from those beings who only want to destroy your species.”

 Hold on we are coming…


Author: Victoria Kelley

I have been given the ability to converse with spiritual beings and aliens since I was 3 years old. I am now speaking and teaching other humans the wisdom and education that was given to me. I have been instructed to relay and pass messages onto humanity so they too can learn the real truth.

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