The Annunaki Way Of Life

Look To The Horizon Because They Are Coming


The above image is the same flying object seen by Sumerians and Babylonians as the Annunaki aircraft depicted as the “winged disk”.


In the last couple of weeks I have been given an amazing education about the life of the Annunaki. I feel very fortunate to have this information because it really does matter to the future of our planet. By having this education it gives us insight on how Earth will be structured after the pole shift. Our planet will not be the same and being face to face with real aliens is soon to be a fact.

Arneesh tells me that there is a judicial system within the Annunaki and the final decision is usually conducted by the Kings who rule in different parts of space. In this region of space our earth is run by a King called Arneesh who lives on a spaceship called the “Arramayus” which is about 100 miles around. According to Arneesh this spaceship is one of the smaller ones and was named after an Annunaki hero. Inside the spaceship are animals, waterfalls, land, cities and other technology for the people to be completely self sufficient.

The Sky Command symbol can be seen below and is found on earth in many different places, especially in the Middle East


The Annunaki also use sonic showers to keep their bodies clean and they have clothing that automatically unfolds when removed. They never need to wash their clothes  because they use replicators for clothing and food. Where do you think the Startrek series got all that information from?

The Annunaki can travel through time because the secret is “Time Bubbles” and these beings can pick events in the future, as well as going back into the past. They can change certain events and most of the time humans never know it happens. Jupiter Ascending the movie explains how this is done and I suggest you watch it sometime.

This species of alien is not flesh as humans know but are more a combination of spirit and flesh. The Annunaki can also shapeshift but the lie about them being the reptiles is not exactly true. The reptiles are a completely different species and not very well liked throughout the Universe.

Arneesh can shapeshift into the form of a golden Lion. Over a hundred thousand years ago the Annunaki mixed some of their genes with the Lyrans who take the form of cats. The Annunaki were taught shape shifting from the Lyrans who can also take the form of human. In ancient Egypt the Lyrans walked freely around. Where do you think the Goddess Bastet came from?  Domestic house cats came from the Lyran empire as a gift for humans to remember them by and why the Egyptians worshiped cats.

Remember the Thunder cats on TV? Well that cartoon was based on the Lyran Empire and the humanoid species of alien that lived. You see folks the Galactic Empire have been trying to tell us humans for a long time these beings really exist. Now you know why there were so many golden lions seen throughout history. The lions were carved into thrones, painted on walls and huge sculptures were always set in front of temples as guards and protectors.


The way things are done with the Annunaki

The Annunaki believe in perfection and some of that also means the management of different alien species. Humans are standing on the precipice of change and why those who are corrupt and evil are fighting back with media propaganda at this time.

The internal struggles in America are closely being monitored by the Galactic Empire at this time. Until certain events happen there is a law that other species cannot intervene. Some of this chaos will have to play out first and internal war in America may even happen before we come to our senses.

Our Earth is one planet different alien species do not want to see ruined. At this time many species are backing people like Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin to bring back law and order. The Annunaki actually favor the Russian people because their way of living is similar to the Annunaki and they believe in strength and endurance.

Arneesh tells me Donald Trump is not perfect but he was a superior choice over Hillary Clinton, who has yet to pay for her crimes against humanity. The Galactic Empire is at this time backing Trump because they believe if he stays true to himself, order can be restored in America. Believe me the Annunaki have not forgotten what some of these world leaders have done to the human children and there is a reckoning coming.

Similar courts and military structures

Many of the judicial, military and other similar structures we have on earth are very much the same way with the Annunaki. After all humans learned these structural ways of ruling from them. However the difference is, the Annunaki King has the final word on squabbles and other alien species arguments. It is very hard to maintain balance and it requires constant vigilance from the King.

The same childish things go on between different species as on earth. Wars are averted because the King steps in and tries to make everyone happy. Arneesh says when there are too many opinions you end up with chaos and this is why the earth is in such turmoil now.

fThere are Annunaki women who also have a big say in the political life. Many of the women at court handle dignitaries from other planets.

Other alien females are also bought into  the Annunaki politics to become new courtesans within the Kings realm. The courtesans are there to help smooth out the bumps and show diplomats hospitality and welcome them. They also arrange functions and other diplomatic arrangements.

I was recently visited by an Annunaki female named Darla who told me it is the women who run the political courts. She also came to say hello because many of the Annunaki have been hearing about Arneesh conversing with me. The females were curious like anyone else and so Darla came to introduce herself to me as the head courtesan in Arneesh’s kingdom.

I will have more information to share with you in a later blog so keep on reading and I will keep on reporting. Take care and be safe because the world is an unpredictable place to live in at this time.




Author: Victoria Kelley

I have been given the ability to converse with spiritual beings and aliens since I was 3 years old. I am now speaking and teaching other humans the wisdom and education that was given to me. I have been instructed to relay and pass messages onto humanity so they too can learn the real truth.

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