The Truth About Crop Circles

Humanity Will See Amazing Things Happening Very Soon 


The above crop circle is the emblem of the Galactic Empire

Earth, welcome to the Galactic Empire of planets. Arneesh wants the earth to know that many messages have been sent out to the people of earth and crop circles was just one way they were communicating with us. Many of the designs were actual mathematical messages to let us know they were watching and teaching us their technology.

symbolsIf you look at the design of the above crop circle you will notice similar designs that have been found on ancient temples and buildings throughout history.

Many of the Annunaki had amazing structures built in places from Egypt, Persia, South America and even Rome with similar symbols.

Arneesh says that humans are fixated on symbols and while sometimes this matters, it is only a tiny part of the actual truth. Once again humanity has been directed into a false belief that symbols are all that matters.

Not everything you see from ancient times was negative and many symbols (like the all seeing eye) were actually used for healing, sharing energy and communication. It was the corruption and deception from the reptilians that made humans believe these symbols were hateful and negative.

Arneesh tells me there is a chance some of the world leaders may yet meet him but in his current form he does not want to appear to humans. He explained to me why meeting aliens has to happen slowly for the Earth. He likened their arrival to how humans try to keep the native people in the Amazon protected from other prying eyes. Most modern humans do not want to interfere in their way of life and something like a lighter could change their whole perception. This example is exactly how many alien species view the human race.

No More Worship Of False Beliefs

The aliens do not want humans worshiping them like Gods because of all the religious lies we have been told for many centuries.  They do not want to start another religious lie ever again and they want you to know they have made mistakes too.

“It is all the dogma and political lies that is killing your world Victoria.” – Arneesh

annunaki-tallHuman beings have already seen the end result of religious worship and the hate it created across our planet.
 Just look at how the Catholic Church poisoned the minds the tribes in South America, Africa and the USA. It damaged their culture and way of life.

The culture of Islam blew up ancient sculptures, temples and buildings in order to hide the truth of Persia’s ancient existence. The Persians learned from the Annunaki and there is no denying this fact. Just take a look at some of these amazing photographs for verification in the provided link below. Source:

In the above sculpture you can see an Annunaki King being shielded from the sun by humans. The Annunaki sky command symbol can be seen directly at the top over the King. The sculpture also shows the height variation of a taller being compared to humans. 

These ancient alien sculptures were seen on temples everywhere in Persia and there are many more showing respect between the different species.

Many of the people who have controlled our emotions, thoughts and spirituality took advantage of others and didn’t care how they did it. It changed lives in a negative way because the reptiles pushed themselves onto people who were not ready to receive them.

Human beings who have allowed the Reptilians to take over their bodies, forced humanity to believe a lie and even tortured others over their non-belief. It was all done to enslave us in fear and we have been enslaved for long enough!

What’s going to happen on Earth now

In the next few weeks humanity is about to see some amazing things happen. Because Trump has the backing of the Galactic Empire the aliens are going to make sure we are made aware of technology that will propel us into the future. President Trump has already said he is planning on releasing all the secrets.

The technology has been kept secret for many years from the public so the greedy elites could profit from it. Zero point energy means no more digging in the ground for oil or fracking. Zero point energy uses the ATOM to create it’s own energy source and it will change our planet for the better. We are destroying our planet with fossil fuels and there is absolutely no need to do this if we use Zero Point Energy.

Arneesh tells me there is a big chance some of the world leaders will meet him as they discuss the way the Earth should advance. Can you imagine being Putin or Trump and meeting a 22 foot high Alien King? Yes he may also decide to make his presence known after humanity has begun working on the new technology.

How humans will interact in the future with aliens

Arneesh tells me that 1/3 of the people walking this planet already have alien genes fused to human and this will be used to help awaken others. Many of us have memories of past lives and living on other planets, which is why we are important to the future. Our memories can be used to educate and direct the future of this planet in positive ways.

I personally am not an archon as some closed minded individuals will say but rather a traveler and I have visited this planet many times before. I have come back over again to learn the human way of life and to teach others in the universe. Arneesh tells me we had spoken before in the past and that he has also spoken to my future self.  My memories from past lives have been recorded by the Annunaki and many of these memories are now being referenced by them. They remember me from a long time ago as a scientist who help to terraform and seed other planets, so they rely on my information now living as a human.

Believe it or not through my conversations with Arneesh I am helping the Annunaki understand humanity better. Because of all the corruption from world governments, the Annunaki would rather hear from the people who live day to day lives, rather than be told a bunch of rhetoric and lies. John Kerry you didn’t fool any of the aliens you recently spoke to in Antarctica, they already know what a complete liar and coward you are. The King is not very impressed with any of you.

When I asked Arneesh why the Annunaki left our planet, just so we could be taken over by the reptiles he said this to me “Do not human parents eventually encourage their children to go out on their own and find their way? This is what we did, we left you to manage the house in our absence and some of you abused the privilege but we are planning on fixing this problem.”

The reptiles do not want to leave and have stated to the Galactic Empire if they are being forced off this planet they will decimate 2/3 of the human population. So you see people if you want to know where all the misery comes from, look to the direction of the reptiles.

I will say this, not all reptiles are bad and there are many now who are trying to get rid of the ones currently on earth. They are not pleased how some of their own people have behaved to a lesser species (meaning humans) and they want to change the status quo. I was visited by a reptile about a month who called himself Amos and he wanted me to know he was saddened to hear how humans had been treated for thousands of years by his brethren. He was now going to educate his people on how humans can interact with reptiles in a way where all species can flourish.

My education from an Annunaki King has tongues waging across the universe and different species are now coming forth to speak with me. They constantly ask how certain things are done on earth so they can come here oneday. I am trusted more than most public servants in the Government because I speak plainly and with truth.

In a future blog I will discuss the Elohim and Nephalim with you, so as to educate you on the lies told in the bible about this subject.




Author: Victoria Kelley

I have been given the ability to converse with spiritual beings and aliens since I was 3 years old. I am now speaking and teaching other humans the wisdom and education that was given to me. I have been instructed to relay and pass messages onto humanity so they too can learn the real truth.

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