The Elohim and Nephilim

Is What We Read In The Bible Really True?



The bible speaks about the Nephilim and how they were born from angels and humans. Considering the bible plagiarized the Sumerian tablets and told many of the same stories, an open minded person can see much of what was written in the bible was stolen knowledge.

King Anu is recorded as being the first son of the great father of all according to the Sumerian Tablets. This means in his own right he was a God, even though he is also considered Annunaki. The great father gave Anu the right to rule over many things which also included human beings.  I have actually spoken to Anu once when he came to visit so yes he still exists. He has a very deep thundering voice and the energy that came off him was incredible. Anu is very aware of what is going on with the earthlings and who is pushing all the hate at this time.

Where We All Came From

The Annunaki took us from a raw form (Neanderthals) and mixed some of their genes with ours. They fused our genetic code so that we eventually aged. Over time, more of our kind were created as the Annunaki perfected their  skills in gene pools. They made us so that we could speak and take commands. They taught us to farm and grow food. They taught us how to build amazing structures and use the stars as ways to decipher events. They taught us how to write and read. They were our parents like it or not.

The story about Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden (Edin to the Annunaki) is somewhat true but the Annunaki called Adam (Adamu) and Eve was called (Tiamat). The serpent did not deceive Eve as was foretold in the bible because in ancient times the serpent represented something entirely different. “Thus the serpent in Sumerian texts is just a symbol of knowledge and wisdom–Enki being sometimes called “The one who knows all.” The 14 tablets of Enki speak about the creation of humans as do many other scholars who have studied the tablets.

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I will say this about the bible, there are good messages in there about loving your neighbor, showing compassion and using love as the most powerful force in the universe. These are good lessons and should be applied in everyone’s life anyway. You don’t need a book to show you how to act, simply touch your heart and you will  know whats right or wrong.

My Understanding Of The Nephilim

monk-writingIt seems to me much of the confusion and lies came from the Monks who put the first bibles together. Their writings were chained to desks at that time so they couldn’t take them or read their work to other people. Only the elites had the privilege of reading and education at this time.

If you are going to keep people in the slave mentally mode, what better way than to lie to everyone about their existence and where they came from? If people can’t read for themselves then all they have to go by is the words you speak. That’s how you manipulate and control populations and it’s what the elites have done to us all for thousands of years.

It is always a good plan to make people afraid of powerful beings who came to earth and created us. The church had a hard time convincing many pagans who just didn’t believe the lies so they made up more lies to coerce the pagans into their doors. Most of the lies in religion came from the Church and the Talmudists who are all ruled by the Reptilians. Look up Hegelian Dialect sometime and this whole thing might make more sense to you.


If you think about how we were really created we are all Nephilim inside because we carry some of the Annunaki gene. Some of us carry more of the Annunaki than other people but we all have that “unknown” element in our gene pool.

Some of the ancient children born from the Annunaki, were sent back to live with their family on Nibiru. The Nephilim are tall and powerful because the Annunaki are naturally that way themselves. Many of the Nephilim have scionic abilities which is something we all have, if we set our minds to it.

In all reality does that make the Nephilim or us bad beings? No, it just means they were half human and half Annunaki. If one of your parents is white and the other black…does that make you weird? Of course not, you are mixed and that’s exactly the way the Annunaki look this with the hybrids.  I am considered a hybrid by the Annunaki so does that make me evil too? Would an evil person promote community, love, growing food, living good lives, understanding and universal knowledge?

Enoch spoke about the Nephilim but he also spoke about being a go between between the sons of man and God. The bible also says Enoch was taken by God well how did that happen? The bible says Enoch was one of Gods most beloved children…Enki loved Enoch and took him to live with the Annunaki. Another prophet who would see spaceships and fantastic things recorded in the bible was Ezekiel. The Annunaki have been contacting humans for a long time and they teach through other human hybrids.

The Book Of Enki written by Zachariah Sitchen speaks about Enoch from the Sumerian records. Enoch was the son of Cain (who killed Abel his brother) and Luluwa, daughter of Lilith according to the book of Enki.

You can download a copy of the book here:

About The Elohim

I spoke with a being recently who introduced himself as Elohim, so I asked him about them and how they exist. He went by the name “AR”and he told me that many of the Elohim are also Watchers. He did not regard himself Angelic but more Annunaki.

AR spends a lot of his time in South America because he loves some of the people who live in the high mountains. He told me that many of the Elohim like the places of fire, just like humans love to watch the sea roll into the shoreline. He will often watch volcanoes and sit inside of them.

They watch the fire in volcanoes and actually get much of their energy from these places. AR had only been learning English for one day and yet he spoke to me as if he had always used the language. He said it was difficult to learn English because one word can have multiple meanings. He also told me that Arneesh had told him to come and speak with me and so that’s what he did.

So if what AR spoke about liking the places of fire, I can only think this is where the whole “Hell” lie came from. The Elohim are not God as the Jews profess because many of them actually work with the Annunaki Kings.

Educational Source:

“The words used for God varies in the Hebrew Bible. According to the documentary hypothesis these variations are the products of different source texts: Elohim is used as the name of God in the Elohist (E) and Priestly (P) sources, while the name Yahweh is used in the Jahwist source. Form criticism postulates the differences of names may be the result of geographical origins; the P and E sources coming from the North and J from the South. There may be a theological point, that God did not reveal his name, Yahweh, before the time of Moses, though Hans Heinrich Schmid showed that the Jahwist was aware of the prophetic books from the 7th and 8th centuries BCE.”


A lot of these lies about religion, aliens or good and evil have come from the Zionist Talmudic liars and it’s time to wake up everyone. Earth is about to change but strap on your seat belts because it’s going to be a bumpy ride before we see it happening…



One of my best friends is a powerful angelic being called John. He is the head of the judiciary system within the angelic realm. Yes there are archangels which includes some with wings and others without. I have never seen John with wings and much of the time he wears blue and white robes.

John is a soft spoken wonderful being who reminds me of father Christmas with his long white beard and hair and he calls me his darling dumpling. I really love this angelic being and have often referred to him as my bestest buddy. He has told me how the great father of all loves all of his children seen and unseen. Some of his powerful ancient children have been put in positions of authority because they were personally chosen for these positions by the Great Father.

I can tell you that John is currently watching the Judges on earth and he is not impressed with their behavior. He makes the decision on what happens to them after they pass. If human judges have been evil and deceptive their spirit must stand before the angelic judiciary system and answer for their behavior. A judge is set in a position that requires authority and therefore they are held to certain standards in the angelic realm.

Arneesh has told me there are areas where he is above John and other areas where John is above him. You see the spiritual realm is very different than what most people know. Angels, Annunaki and the Elohim all have their place in the Universe. ALL of these beings acknowledge and love the Great father of all.

Arneesh and I have spoken about the real GOD of this universe and he tells me he is not what most people think he is and does not intervene as most people seem to think. He allows events to unfold and many of the children of Anu are the ones in charge of discipline  and change on planets.

God handed over many of the rulings and teachings to his first born child Anu. The angels are below the Annunaki as Anu was created first. This is completely the opposite of what the bible teaches because the truth as they say is much harder to believe than the lies we have been told.

In the next blog I will fill you in on the Egyptians and what those pyramids were actually created for and it wasn’t to house Pharaohs.




Author: Victoria Kelley

I have been given the ability to converse with spiritual beings and aliens since I was 3 years old. I am now speaking and teaching other humans the wisdom and education that was given to me. I have been instructed to relay and pass messages onto humanity so they too can learn the real truth.

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