Spirit Airwaves

Channeled Radio To Educate Humanity


When The Ancients Speak will be doing direct channeling, with spiritual beings. Even if you don’t believe this happens it can still serve you with lighthearted entertainment. There is a list of spirit family members who want to talk to humanity.

Please sign up for our Newsletter so we can make sure you know when the spirits will be speaking.

Newsletter sign up: http://whentheancientsspeak.com/podcast_signup/

Spirit Airwaves Link:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/spiritairwaves

Listen to Steven and Charles here promoting their new show:




*** I don’t expect everyone to believe that my husband and I channel or speak to aliens and spirits. Channeling and telepathy has it’s place in the universe and is used more than most human beings know. I am just repeating what is told to me and you don’t have to believe any of it. However I will say this, have you ever noticed how people who see beyond the illusion and games, always come back with the same messages for humanity?

So if I am wrong where am I getting all this information from? I know some will call me demonic or deranged but considering the bible was supposedly written by Prophets, maybe there is truth in what people like me are relaying to others. ***


Author: Victoria Kelley

I have been given the ability to converse with spiritual beings and aliens since I was 3 years old. I am now speaking and teaching other humans the wisdom and education that was given to me. I have been instructed to relay and pass messages onto humanity so they too can learn the real truth.

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