About Victoria

Beautiful women in nature

Victoria was born in Sydney, Australia where her family resided for the first twelve years of her life. The family moved to Tamworth N.S.W where she was raised on a 280 acre sheep and wheat farm, where she remained until 17 years old.

Victoria is the second born child of five girls and has been an avid reader – writer since she was 6 years of age. She was always writing stories-poetry to the amazement of school teachers. By the time she was in 4th grade Victoria was an assistant at the school library, along with being in the top 3 students for reading, writing, english and mathematics.

Over twenty three years ago Victoria moved from Australia to America where she finally met her soulmate and husband Michael of 20 years. With their children, they now reside in the Colorado Mountains where Victoria can feel at peace. The couple can often be found deep in the mountains hiking and trail walking together. They have raised their sons in the mountains and taught them to connect to the energy.

Many of the tribal beliefs have become this families chosen path and they try to live in unison with everything that is. The tribal way is a blending of spiritual connection, respect for all living things and learning how we are all connected to everything that is. It’s also about finding strength, courage, discipline, joy, love and family.

“Spiritual beings ans aliens converse with me in a form I am comfortable with and have since I was small. As a child they appeared to me as fairies, garden gnomes and other small spirit like creatures. Now as an adult I just see them in the form they naturally are beautiful and the not so nice.” -Victoria Kelley

I have never been afraid of them but naturally accepted what was going on. When I told my grandmother about the friends on my window ledge, she always understood. She actually gave me advice on what to say and it never seemed like a big deal for her either. Both my Grandfather and Great Grandmother also communicated with different beings, so this type of communication does run in my family.

When I have mentioned spirit presences to my mother, the whole conversation is quickly shutdown. My mother is the fearful type who always believed speaking with spirits was a bad thing to do…ignore them and they will go away. Being that my mother is a Jehovah’s Witness she is fearful of these entities because that is what the cult teaches.

Whether people believe this or not some humans are natural energy conduits for communication and telepathy. The church teaches fear because they don’t want us to learn how powerful human beings really are.

We are naturally supposed to connect to everything in this universe, so we can learn from those who have the knowledge. For too long the average person has been shut away from the knowledge, so corrupt humans and the darkened Annunaki and reptilians could control everything here on earth.

Who The Ancients Are To Me

I call The Ancients my family because to me they are. When my biological parents disowned me for speaking with spirits – aliens, many of these entities became my fathers, brothers, sisters, grandparents and mothers.

People will tell you it’s not possible to have a relationship with spiritual beings but that’s not the case in our family.  My sons have been raised around these spirits since they were born, so for us this is a normal way to be. My boys are not like other kids because they can see, hear and sometimes predict future events because they were trained by these beings. 

There are other powerful beings I converse with, some good some bad. Like Enoch these spirit beings come to me and converse freely.  Sometimes what they have to say is not positive (beings of darkness enjoy the suffering and discord they are causing on earth) while others come to tell me of events unfolding on earth. The good beings are continuously trying to help humanity but they tell me the world is out of balance and changes are coming very soon.