Channeling Keeps Us Busy

Hello It’s Been Awhile


I realize it’s been awhile since I wrote a blog but there have been very good reasons why we slowed the writing down. The spiritual realm which also includes the aliens, has become very active of late and there have been days when we have done 3 different channeling sessions at one time.

We decided to place some of these recordings on podbean because there were so many different beings wanting to speak to humanity, we found ourselves skipping the blog and just moving directly onto the recordings. The recordings are filled with all kinds of everything.

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We have gathered over 30 different recordings and each session usually has valuable information to help humanity see through the fog. Some of these recordings have not been easy for Mike and I while others have been a lot of fun. Take what you need from the recordings because they may help you with the answers.

Does anyone remember Jane Roberts and Seth?

If you have never seen Jane Roberts (she channeled Seth in the 1960’s) it’s worth watching her speak about this. She never really wanted to channel nor did she seek it out. It came to her just as it came to Mike and I. As I have mentioned before Mike is the main channel and I am the messenger. I channel 3 female spirits. I channel Mother, Karshdee (she will be speaking soon) and another female who feels extremely pure in every way.  She does not speak much and this is still a new connection for me. I do not know her name at this time but will keep you updated.

Anyway if you would like to hear what Jane and her husband had to say about Seth, it’s in the below video link.  Seth was a very wise spirit who bought a lot of knowledge forward.


I also want to thank a new subscriber for contacting me and asking if I was aware of Gillian Green. Honestly ‘Belmont Rooster’ I wasn’t aware of her but I am not surprised in the least. I am now learning about Gillian and thanks for the connection Rooster. I found a blogsite about her that I’m sharing here with you guys below.

Before someone says the Annunaki were cruel taskmasters, I will say this…there is good and bad in everything. Not all Annunaki were good but not all of them were bad either.

As far as taskmasters go, humans don’t have the greatest reputation either. Many different alien species currently believe Earthlings are IGNORANT SAVAGES, mainly because of how we treat each other. Many aliens don’t trust humans because we have a reputation for being brutal. So if you want to change that perception then we have to learn to work together as a species. It’s time to prove these beings wrong don’t you think?…

Many of the Annunaki want to reconnect with their human creations the right way now. They believe we have earned our stripes and they want us to join them under the guidance of the Galactic Empire.

It is the dark alien taskmasters that currently control this planet, who do not want our species to advance. This is so they can continue to feed off our misery. All the wars, sorrow and hate…it’s them doing it all folks. These beings feed off us and they don’t want to give that up because we are their cattle. It’s time for the world to come together and tell these beings to GO AWAY.

Thank you for reading the blog. I don’t always know what is next and many times the spirits don’t always tell me. These beings sometimes educate me too while I record their words for you to hear. I am just the messenger and it’s been an amazing ride so far.




Channeled Message With Mother

Meet Mother From The Collective


Mother is a female spirit who channels her message through Victoria. Yesterday morning she spoke to everyone about Feminism and Transsexualism. She does not understand why women and saying they have no power and explains that it was the women in her time that ran the tribes.

Mother says she was alive when the great beasts like the Mammoth walked this earth. She wants everyone to know there must be a blending of energies Male and Female in order for our world to be in balance.

She says we must share this combined energy with the Earth and go back to living more simpler lives. It is a very interesting interview with a female spirit that most have revered over time. She is mother.

Mother says if you ever want to see how she lived once, Watch the movie 10,000 BC and you will notice it was the women who ran the tribe. See the Movie Trailer Here:

Hear the Interview from Mother here:




*** I don’t expect everyone to believe that my husband and I channel or speak to aliens and spirits. Channeling and telepathy has it’s place in the universe and is used more than most human beings know. I am just repeating what is told to me and you don’t have to believe any of it. However I will say this, have you ever noticed how people who see beyond the illusion and games, always come back with the same messages for humanity?

So if I am wrong where am I getting all this information from? I know some will call me demonic or deranged but considering the bible was supposedly written by Prophets, maybe there is truth in what people like me are relaying to others. ***

Interview With Annunaki King Arneesh

Arneesh Gives The First Of Many Interviews


This morning Arneesh gave the first of many interviews he would like to enlighten humanity with.

He speaks about the Children of Annur as he refers to himself and not Anu as most humans know. They do not reference themselves as Annunaki but “The Children of Annur.”

It’s also great to hear some of more recent revelations concerning human history are now being unearthed as truth.

Arneesh speaks about the Annur remaining on earth in Egypt as Monarchs but they were kept in check throughout history by the lies told through the reptilians. He speaks how this alien species is in control of the elites and our Government.

Everything humanity has learned about is mostly lies and Arneesh wants to enlighten us all.

In is an amazing interview Arneesh covers conversations about the following:

  • Reptilians in the Government and the consumption of other human beings
  • The way humanity has been lied to concerning the history of the Annunaki
  • Life in the Universe and how humans have already been scattered throughout
  • Aliens being mostly peaceful
  • The earth being a proving ground for growing up
  • Humans were seeded as a slave race
  • The real Egypt and what the pyramids were for
  • Ancient African stones were once used for energy
  • Crop circles were diagrams showing how humanity could achieve Zero Point Energy
  • Cern’s dangerous experiments concerning anti-matter
  • A cosmic event coming our way on Earth very soon

Hear the Interview here:

My apologies for the sound, we are working on a better system but sometimes these beings voices also affect the energies when we record.

1280x720-mz312,000 Year Old Annunaki King Found In Iran

*Another interesting fact that has been bought up is this video that says a 12,000 year old Annunaki King was found. If this is true, it immediately contradicts the 6000 years of human history some scholars and the bible says humanity has been on this planet.

Arneesh says if some of these Annur bodies do surface they will be of the hybrid children left behind to watch over everything. They are not pure Annur instead they are the offspring to human women. Most Annunaki kings have their hair and beards braided and this being does not wear the elaborate beard. Therefore it may not be real.

As I have previously mentioned and Arneesh also mentioned in his interview today, I too am a Annur Hybrid with approximately 30% of my gene pool being of “Unknown Origin” from the human perspective. 1/3 rd of the human population is of unknown origin too.

You can watch the video here:



*** I don’t expect everyone to believe that my husband and I channel or speak to aliens and spirits. Channeling and telepathy has it’s place in the universe and is used more than most human beings know. I am just repeating what is told to me and you don’t have to believe any of it. However I will say this, have you ever noticed how people who see beyond the illusion and games, always come back with the same messages for humanity?

So if I am wrong where am I getting all this information from? I know some will call me demonic or deranged but considering the bible was supposedly written by Prophets, maybe there is truth in what people like me are relaying to others. ***

A Message From Chattel The Gray

Alien Gray Has An Urgent Message For Humanity

grayIn the last couple of days our house has been a very busy place. Many different beings are coming and going which includes a new friend named Chattel.

Chattel is a Gray from the Galactic Empire and he has come with a message for humanity. I did write these beings were going to start warning humanity a few weeks ago. 

Just like human beings there are good and bad aliens. There are good and bad Grays along with good and bad Reptilians. The point is Chattel is a good being and he brings us an urgent warning and he wants YOU to hear it.

Chattel works with Arneesh and was inspired to come and speak to the earthlings because of what the Annunaki King is also doing. I may have other beings who may wish to speak from the Galactic Empire at some point too. Arneesh has also said he will do a Podcast and speak to humanity.

My husband is now channeling these messages from the Galactic Empire because of the urgency and time constraints. We have decided to put aside our privacy and share these revelations to you, that’s how important they are. This has been a very hard decision for our family to make but one we felt needed to be shared. My husband and I have been with many of these beings for over 15 years and we have pretty much kept this a secret in our family.

Why we decided to invite the world into our unique lives, listen here:

Listen To The Podcast From Chattel Here:

If you have a question for Chattel and want some answers please be respectful with your questions. He is nothing like humans and will not answer questions related to your personal life. He brings a message and will only answer things related to aliens on earth, hybrids, ancient knowledge and where humanity goes from here.

If you have a question you would like to ask The Ancients, write to us here:

When you are done sign up at the link below for more Podcasts and News. This is our way of involving people into updates coming from the Galactic Empire:



** I don’t expect everyone to believe that my husband and I channel or speak to aliens and spirits. Channeling and telepathy has it’s place in the universe and is used more than most human beings know. I am just repeating what is told to me and you don’t have to believe any of it. However I will say this, have you ever noticed how people who see beyond the illusion and games, always come back with the same messages for humanity?

So if I am wrong where am I getting all this information from? I know some will call me demonic or deranged but considering the bible was supposedly written by Prophets, maybe there is truth in what people like me are relaying to others. ***

Annunaki And Earthlings

How About That Beard?


So I was asking Arneesh about the beard and crown many of the Annunaki Kings have. Arneesh tells me that his beard goes down to his chest. He says it is quite a lot of grooming to style the beard in the Annunaki fashion. He normally has 2 beings help him with the style. As you can see from the above sketch the beard is quite elaborate.

I then asked Arneesh about the horns on the crowns. They represent the bull and he has 13 horns on his crown.  The more horns the more a representation of their power. Arneesh tells me he has been a King for over 10,000 years now.

He also told me about one of his daughters who is a ruler of worlds. She is the apple of her father’s eye and has turned out to be an amazing ruler. She is deeply respected by her people and leads with wisdom and kindness. So you see folks, the Annunaki have children and raise them. They also teach their children in the ways of their parents.

I wanted to show you something else about the Annunaki. For hundreds of years they have been looked upon as the bad guys. Arneesh admits that some of the Annunaki have made mistakes but just like anything else they have learned and many of the leaders have changed.



If you notice these carvings everyone is freely sharing energy for the benefit of the other person. It is the touching and sharing of energy that many humans have forgotten about but yet it’s so important for a communities health and well being. 

Arneesh often speaks about LOVE being the prime motivator in the universe. He also says as a ruler you must be wise and be able to communicate with anyone. He tells me many of the leaders on Earth today are void of wisdom and instead use their emotions too much. They make poor decisions because they have been taken over by the greedy.

One of the biggest problems in our world is that everyone is running high on emotions instead of having common sense and using problem solving skills. There is no real love in anything we do anymore. The sharing of energy is one of the biggest things humans have forgotten to use properly and yet it’s the one thing we need more than anything else at this time.

A Message From Arneesh

In the beginning the great father of all, created a race of beings he took from his genetic seed. His first born son was called Anu. We the children of Anu were given the gift of creation even though we struggled to make the decision to use it.

Eventually we decided to create humans from the existing species that roamed the earth. We took a humanoid figure that was very primitive in appearance ( but could walk upright) and we fused our genes with these beings. Eventually the Annunaki communicated and taught Earthlings how to farm, raise animals, build, read and write. Most of what you have learned came from us.

We have watched the earth children for thousands of years. Some of what you have done has been remarkable and other things were destructive and ruthless. Your species has been subjected to pain and suffering, because of your inability to comprehend our existence.

Your greatest achievement thus far has been war. We would like to teach you our technology and show you some of the secrets of the universe. It is time to change for the better. It is time to put down the weapons of war and join us. 

We have always been here and watched you. We have many of our children who walk this world. Most of you would never know they even exist. Some carry the pure Anu gene like Victoria and others carry the last vestige of our DNA. You are precious because you were made with the God gene. What was given to the children of Anu also flows through you.

You have the ability to conceive change by joining your minds together and creating your own reality. It is your stubbornness to believe that we or other species exist that holds you back. Everything you have ever dreamed of as a child and adult, already exists in the universe. Every fantasy character you were told was your imagination is real and exists. Where do you think your dreams came from? We gave you the ability to dream and use this to create your own futures.

Your world has been filled with distractions and lies so that you would forget about us.

You destroy each other over a single belief yet it is your species that has been deceived. What you call religion were stories stolen from our history and put together by men to control your very thoughts. The great father of us all, gave his original children the right to rule, the right to create, the right to keep laws, the right to protect species.

We left you all the tools you needed to become great. Reach out and touch us, join us, learn from other human -hybrids who walk the sands of your Earth. You are more than what your teachers told you. We gave you our greatness, study the ancient writings, they are our messages to you.

Not all of us are bad, actually many of us love you deeply. Some of us want to see you join us in the stars. Many of us are excited about your earth changing. You are more powerful than you know, let us teach you how. We are here to help in the transition.

We are your fathers, we are your creators, we are your watchers. We are the children of Anu. -Arneesh (Annunaki King)


What Really Happened In Egypt

Scholars Have Been Hiding The Real Truth


Three days ago Arneesh spoke to me about ancient Egypt. The stories about the pyramids being created to house the great Pharaohs, is simply not true. There are archaeologists who have questioned the purpose of the pyramids for years and have been made fun of for saying what they did.

The pyramids in Egypt were actually energy storehouses. Arneesh lived among other Egyptians in the time of the Old Kingdom-step pyramid. He told me he once took on the role of Horus. This was of course when aliens freely lived among the people in Egypt. It was a land of mixed alien species and humans living together in peace, actually it was pretty amazing. The buildings were beautiful to behold.

The Pyramids Could: help everyone communicate with each other. They used smaller devices that were somewhat like cell phones to help them contact anyone they needed.

The Pyramids Were: healing centers for the sick. Both natural healing  and alien technology was used inside the pyramids. Sound and crystal vibration techniques were also used.

The Pyramids Created: energy that radiated outwards for all to have freely.

The Boats On The Nile

The smaller boats on the Nile usually had one oarsman in the front and one in the back. Larger boats had more oars but didn’t always need them. It depending on who was riding on them at the time and how important they were.

The boats glided above the water and not in the water. The boats got their energy from the pyramids.  There were devices attached to the boats which helped them glide. The energy coming from the pyramids powered them. This energy was similar to tachyon waves and it flowed out of the pyramids for miles. It also powered light bulbs and other technology.


“The smaller boats ran all the time up and down, day and night, just gliding over the Nile. It was how we got from one place to the other in a hurry. In your culture it would be somewhat like running like a taxi service. We did the same with the boats.”-Arneesh

The hieroglyphs were carved with finite alien technology and they also used special technology to cut massive stones. They also used sound technology to move the stones to the pyramids when they were being built.

Egyptian buildings were huge and tall because they had 22 feet high Annunaki walking around.

Michael Tellinger is also telling the world truths about some of the ancient stone areas in Africa, he has found over the years. The truth is finally coming out. If you don’t know who Michael is look him up, he’s quite remarkable. Source:

I had the chance to meet him a couple of years back when he came to Boulder, CO. What he says about our ancient culture makes perfect sense. Now that Arneesh is also educating me the missing pieces do click together. Earth’s ancient culture has been hidden from humanity for centuries and it’s time to tell the real truth about it. 

Arneesh has also told me gold still remains in some of those ancient places. But don’t run out and get a shovel to find it because it’s not that easy. We are dealing with dimensional aliens who can travel through time and change events if they so deem. They will hold those locations and secrets to themselves. They have technology that goes undetected on this planet now, so good luck finding the gold.

They Used Energy From Crystals

Crystals are some of the most amazing natural rocks because they have the ability to resonate sound and energy. The Egyptians knew this and used great crystals around many of their places of worship.

Have you ever noticed the great pyramid is missing it’s cap?

pyraA huge crystal cap used to sit on the top of the great pyramid. It radiated light and energy similar to that of a lighthouse.

The cap was stolen as the Egyptians moved further into history. It is said the early archaeologist dug it up but never said anything about it.

I have been told the crystal is somewhere in an underground science bunker in the US. Our military is trying to figure out how it works, they have an idea but they are still testing it.

Beneath the pyramids was once running water which acted as a conduit for the energy. If you want to see the truth about one of earth’s most ancient cultures I suggest you watch the Pyramid Code here on YouTube. Much of what these scientist say in this series is the truth.


How many alien species use crystals

Another thing many aliens use crystals for are memories. They do not use currency the same way we do. Instead they use crystal memories and trade them. They can choose to eat food and even heal themselves by overlaying the memory in the crystal and using it.

Example: If someone has a disease on one planet and they need a cure, they would send out a call for the healing crystal that contains that particular remedy. Then overlay a memory and heal themselves.

The same can be said for favorite foods. Arneesh told me about a drink he was consuming one morning and it came from his favorite breakfast crystal. He was drinking something like a smoothie filled with fruits from this particular planet.  Arneesh overlays the memory of this event and he receives that same breakfast again.

Remember folks the Annunaki can travel back and forward in time, so this is no big deal for them to use crystals this way.

The Hieroglyphs

The Egyptian language was designed to grow as the person who understood it meanings could fathom. Let me explain: when a child starts out in school they learn the most fundamental words for reading and writing. We would not expect a 5 year old child to learn at a College level. The ancients knew that too. They didn’t want us to have something we couldn’t accept before we were ready for it.

Sometimes too much power before humans are ready usually corrupts and we see that see happening on earth now. The elites are corrupted with power and they believe by practicing their rituals it gives them more power over humanity.

Symbols are only a small part of having scionic abilities.

You must also understand the dimensional thinking and understanding that goes with scionics. You have to be responsible and not selfish about this amazing knowledge and share with others.  Teaching scionic skills will raise the positive energy across the globe and break the charm spell.

The hieroglyphs were given to humanity as a gift. The Annunaki wanted us to learn and made sure their messages were everywhere. For each level that we grow in our thinking and spirituality, the more we will come to understand the hieroglyphs. Another secret: The hieroglyphs were designed to be a living language. As you increase in scionic powers, we unlock different levels of the true meaning behind the language. This is truly remarkable when you think about it but that’s our potential. Our ancestors were able to do these things once.

Arneesh also told me what was missing in those “prayer ins” that occasionally happen on earth. The Buddhists sometimes do these and millions join in. They can be successful if people only practice on one singular thought. For instance: if someone prays or meditates on just the word LOVE with millions of other people at the same time,  it will work better. Too many thoughts and too many religions confuse all the energy at this time because of the negative thought across the planet.

ONE singular thought can energize others and break the charm spell. It’s something to think about. For when you have thousands of people concentrating on one thought, those people have the power to change and shift the energy on this planet.

That’s about it from me. Stay tuned I’m sure I will have more to say soon….

Stay Strong




The Elohim and Nephilim

Is What We Read In The Bible Really True?



The bible speaks about the Nephilim and how they were born from angels and humans. Considering the bible plagiarized the Sumerian tablets and told many of the same stories, an open minded person can see much of what was written in the bible was stolen knowledge.

King Anu is recorded as being the first son of the great father of all according to the Sumerian Tablets. This means in his own right he was a God, even though he is also considered Annunaki. The great father gave Anu the right to rule over many things which also included human beings.  I have actually spoken to Anu once when he came to visit so yes he still exists. He has a very deep thundering voice and the energy that came off him was incredible. Anu is very aware of what is going on with the earthlings and who is pushing all the hate at this time.

Where We All Came From

The Annunaki took us from a raw form (Neanderthals) and mixed some of their genes with ours. They fused our genetic code so that we eventually aged. Over time, more of our kind were created as the Annunaki perfected their  skills in gene pools. They made us so that we could speak and take commands. They taught us to farm and grow food. They taught us how to build amazing structures and use the stars as ways to decipher events. They taught us how to write and read. They were our parents like it or not.

The story about Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden (Edin to the Annunaki) is somewhat true but the Annunaki called Adam (Adamu) and Eve was called (Tiamat). The serpent did not deceive Eve as was foretold in the bible because in ancient times the serpent represented something entirely different. “Thus the serpent in Sumerian texts is just a symbol of knowledge and wisdom–Enki being sometimes called “The one who knows all.” The 14 tablets of Enki speak about the creation of humans as do many other scholars who have studied the tablets.

Read More Here:

I will say this about the bible, there are good messages in there about loving your neighbor, showing compassion and using love as the most powerful force in the universe. These are good lessons and should be applied in everyone’s life anyway. You don’t need a book to show you how to act, simply touch your heart and you will  know whats right or wrong.

My Understanding Of The Nephilim

monk-writingIt seems to me much of the confusion and lies came from the Monks who put the first bibles together. Their writings were chained to desks at that time so they couldn’t take them or read their work to other people. Only the elites had the privilege of reading and education at this time.

If you are going to keep people in the slave mentally mode, what better way than to lie to everyone about their existence and where they came from? If people can’t read for themselves then all they have to go by is the words you speak. That’s how you manipulate and control populations and it’s what the elites have done to us all for thousands of years.

It is always a good plan to make people afraid of powerful beings who came to earth and created us. The church had a hard time convincing many pagans who just didn’t believe the lies so they made up more lies to coerce the pagans into their doors. Most of the lies in religion came from the Church and the Talmudists who are all ruled by the Reptilians. Look up Hegelian Dialect sometime and this whole thing might make more sense to you.


If you think about how we were really created we are all Nephilim inside because we carry some of the Annunaki gene. Some of us carry more of the Annunaki than other people but we all have that “unknown” element in our gene pool.

Some of the ancient children born from the Annunaki, were sent back to live with their family on Nibiru. The Nephilim are tall and powerful because the Annunaki are naturally that way themselves. Many of the Nephilim have scionic abilities which is something we all have, if we set our minds to it.

In all reality does that make the Nephilim or us bad beings? No, it just means they were half human and half Annunaki. If one of your parents is white and the other black…does that make you weird? Of course not, you are mixed and that’s exactly the way the Annunaki look this with the hybrids.  I am considered a hybrid by the Annunaki so does that make me evil too? Would an evil person promote community, love, growing food, living good lives, understanding and universal knowledge?

Enoch spoke about the Nephilim but he also spoke about being a go between between the sons of man and God. The bible also says Enoch was taken by God well how did that happen? The bible says Enoch was one of Gods most beloved children…Enki loved Enoch and took him to live with the Annunaki. Another prophet who would see spaceships and fantastic things recorded in the bible was Ezekiel. The Annunaki have been contacting humans for a long time and they teach through other human hybrids.

The Book Of Enki written by Zachariah Sitchen speaks about Enoch from the Sumerian records. Enoch was the son of Cain (who killed Abel his brother) and Luluwa, daughter of Lilith according to the book of Enki.

You can download a copy of the book here:

About The Elohim

I spoke with a being recently who introduced himself as Elohim, so I asked him about them and how they exist. He went by the name “AR”and he told me that many of the Elohim are also Watchers. He did not regard himself Angelic but more Annunaki.

AR spends a lot of his time in South America because he loves some of the people who live in the high mountains. He told me that many of the Elohim like the places of fire, just like humans love to watch the sea roll into the shoreline. He will often watch volcanoes and sit inside of them.

They watch the fire in volcanoes and actually get much of their energy from these places. AR had only been learning English for one day and yet he spoke to me as if he had always used the language. He said it was difficult to learn English because one word can have multiple meanings. He also told me that Arneesh had told him to come and speak with me and so that’s what he did.

So if what AR spoke about liking the places of fire, I can only think this is where the whole “Hell” lie came from. The Elohim are not God as the Jews profess because many of them actually work with the Annunaki Kings.

Educational Source:

“The words used for God varies in the Hebrew Bible. According to the documentary hypothesis these variations are the products of different source texts: Elohim is used as the name of God in the Elohist (E) and Priestly (P) sources, while the name Yahweh is used in the Jahwist source. Form criticism postulates the differences of names may be the result of geographical origins; the P and E sources coming from the North and J from the South. There may be a theological point, that God did not reveal his name, Yahweh, before the time of Moses, though Hans Heinrich Schmid showed that the Jahwist was aware of the prophetic books from the 7th and 8th centuries BCE.”


A lot of these lies about religion, aliens or good and evil have come from the Zionist Talmudic liars and it’s time to wake up everyone. Earth is about to change but strap on your seat belts because it’s going to be a bumpy ride before we see it happening…



One of my best friends is a powerful angelic being called John. He is the head of the judiciary system within the angelic realm. Yes there are archangels which includes some with wings and others without. I have never seen John with wings and much of the time he wears blue and white robes.

John is a soft spoken wonderful being who reminds me of father Christmas with his long white beard and hair and he calls me his darling dumpling. I really love this angelic being and have often referred to him as my bestest buddy. He has told me how the great father of all loves all of his children seen and unseen. Some of his powerful ancient children have been put in positions of authority because they were personally chosen for these positions by the Great Father.

I can tell you that John is currently watching the Judges on earth and he is not impressed with their behavior. He makes the decision on what happens to them after they pass. If human judges have been evil and deceptive their spirit must stand before the angelic judiciary system and answer for their behavior. A judge is set in a position that requires authority and therefore they are held to certain standards in the angelic realm.

Arneesh has told me there are areas where he is above John and other areas where John is above him. You see the spiritual realm is very different than what most people know. Angels, Annunaki and the Elohim all have their place in the Universe. ALL of these beings acknowledge and love the Great father of all.

Arneesh and I have spoken about the real GOD of this universe and he tells me he is not what most people think he is and does not intervene as most people seem to think. He allows events to unfold and many of the children of Anu are the ones in charge of discipline  and change on planets.

God handed over many of the rulings and teachings to his first born child Anu. The angels are below the Annunaki as Anu was created first. This is completely the opposite of what the bible teaches because the truth as they say is much harder to believe than the lies we have been told.

In the next blog I will fill you in on the Egyptians and what those pyramids were actually created for and it wasn’t to house Pharaohs.