Channeling Keeps Us Busy

Hello It’s Been Awhile


I realize it’s been awhile since I wrote a blog but there have been very good reasons why we slowed the writing down. The spiritual realm which also includes the aliens, has become very active of late and there have been days when we have done 3 different channeling sessions at one time.

We decided to place some of these recordings on podbean because there were so many different beings wanting to speak to humanity, we found ourselves skipping the blog and just moving directly onto the recordings. The recordings are filled with all kinds of everything.

You can subscribe here and catch all the latest recordings:

We have gathered over 30 different recordings and each session usually has valuable information to help humanity see through the fog. Some of these recordings have not been easy for Mike and I while others have been a lot of fun. Take what you need from the recordings because they may help you with the answers.

Does anyone remember Jane Roberts and Seth?

If you have never seen Jane Roberts (she channeled Seth in the 1960’s) it’s worth watching her speak about this. She never really wanted to channel nor did she seek it out. It came to her just as it came to Mike and I. As I have mentioned before Mike is the main channel and I am the messenger. I channel 3 female spirits. I channel Mother, Karshdee (she will be speaking soon) and another female who feels extremely pure in every way.  She does not speak much and this is still a new connection for me. I do not know her name at this time but will keep you updated.

Anyway if you would like to hear what Jane and her husband had to say about Seth, it’s in the below video link.  Seth was a very wise spirit who bought a lot of knowledge forward.


I also want to thank a new subscriber for contacting me and asking if I was aware of Gillian Green. Honestly ‘Belmont Rooster’ I wasn’t aware of her but I am not surprised in the least. I am now learning about Gillian and thanks for the connection Rooster. I found a blogsite about her that I’m sharing here with you guys below.

Before someone says the Annunaki were cruel taskmasters, I will say this…there is good and bad in everything. Not all Annunaki were good but not all of them were bad either.

As far as taskmasters go, humans don’t have the greatest reputation either. Many different alien species currently believe Earthlings are IGNORANT SAVAGES, mainly because of how we treat each other. Many aliens don’t trust humans because we have a reputation for being brutal. So if you want to change that perception then we have to learn to work together as a species. It’s time to prove these beings wrong don’t you think?…

Many of the Annunaki want to reconnect with their human creations the right way now. They believe we have earned our stripes and they want us to join them under the guidance of the Galactic Empire.

It is the dark alien taskmasters that currently control this planet, who do not want our species to advance. This is so they can continue to feed off our misery. All the wars, sorrow and hate…it’s them doing it all folks. These beings feed off us and they don’t want to give that up because we are their cattle. It’s time for the world to come together and tell these beings to GO AWAY.

Thank you for reading the blog. I don’t always know what is next and many times the spirits don’t always tell me. These beings sometimes educate me too while I record their words for you to hear. I am just the messenger and it’s been an amazing ride so far.




Channeling From Chattel & Arneesh

Chattel, Arneesh and Spirit Airwaves Second Channeling’s

hands in universe

It’s been a been couple of busy weeks around our family home and why some of the postings have slowed down. Many of our unseen family have been busy watching events taking place in the world, so they can keep all of you updated on current events.

As I have mentioned many times before what happens in our family is quite unique.

My sons have been raised around spirits since the day they entered this life. I promised my children I would raise them to have an open mind and accept there is more in this universe than just human beings on one little blue planet. I taught my sons to accept there are things our human eyes can see and other things our third eye can see far into the beyond. Both of my youngest sons have drawn some incredible sketches of alien technology, spiritual constructs and sometimes future events. One of our sons is also savant and there isn’t much he doesn’t know about the Universe.

Do I think my children are blessed? Yes they have been given gifts from other beings to use and open up new areas of their brains as they grow older.  Actually many children who are connected at a young age also are given similar gifts from aliens and spirits.

As a parent I know the education my boys have been given has expanded their awareness and allowed them to communicate with other life forms and different energies. The boys were never afraid of things that go bump in the night. Instead our sons used to tell the spirits to put down the toys and let them sleep.

To Think We Are The Only Ones In The Universe Is Sheer Arrogance

The universe is filled with habitable planets, other life forms and incredible technology; so for anyone to think humans are the only ones who exist under the guidance of the Great Father is quite an ignorant person.

Let people mock you for thinking differently because small minds cannot comprehend big spirits. Search inside of yourself because deep down, you know I am right. YOU are an eternal being. You are a combination of flesh and spirit.

Some of you are hybrids who carry alien genes (actually according to Arneesh, One Third of the population on earth are hybrids) and this has been going on for thousands of years. I am Annunaki and Lyran…there I admitted it. I know other people who are constantly visited by Grays and their gene pool is likely connected to them.


*I woke up one morning with red indentations on my left butt cheek. It looks like a hexagon with a tail and so I asked Chattel about it. He told me the Grays who work with the Annunaki put it there so they could monitor my gene pool. It is like a stamp to let other alien species know this one is taken and not to touch her. 

The elites want you to believe only their bloodlines matter but they also know when YOU find out your genetics are as important as theirs…it’s game over. The elites will lose power and control over humanity, so it’s time to get up off your knees humans and hybrids living on earth. Restore your bloodlines and heritage too because we do not have to be slaves to the Reptilians anymore.

I hope to bring you a few new spirits next time which includes a beautiful being named Saydif. Saydif is unique because he has reached the highest level of joy attainable for any being to reach. He spreads joy and happiness wherever he goes and much of the time his heart belongs with helping human children.

Ok enough of my babble here are the latest recordings I promised you. Enjoy them everyone.

Arneesh Channeling

Hear Arneesh speak about some of what I have mentioned in this blog:

Chattel Channeling

Listen to Chattel’s Second Warning To Humanity As he discusses Geo-Engineering and Nibiru Heading Towards Earth:

Spirit Airwaves Show 2

Spirit Airwaves Second Show Looks Into What Happens When We Die?:






























When The Ancients Speak Podcasts

Listen To Spirit Airwaves Radio


Yesterday many beings in the spiritual realm started their own radio show.

Steven and Charles are the hosts of Spirit Airwaves with Victoria co-hosting. There are also female and male spirits popping in and out of conversations trying to educate humanity. The show becomes a mix of seriousness with added humor to break up the messages.

At this time these beings are using Blog Talk Radio as the platform to hold the show, until we have enough funds to start our own studio. That’s really what we all want because we can take calls and help other people in distress over the radio.

Join Us Here:

Many of the ideas and content comes directly from the spiritual realm who are speaking on a multitude of different conversations.

* None of what we ever talk about in these podcasts is pre-scripted conversations. This is mostly because spiritual beings have their own way of seeing things and speaking about them. I never tell any of them what to think or say. However whatever they say to humanity is for you to decide the validity of their conversations. 

Steven also mentions in this podcast they will tell YOU something about yourself if you ask them a question. A word of warning… do not be offended if the spiritual beings bring up something about your past, you didn’t want people to know anything about. I have no control over what they will reply to you. They speak as they perceive things to be from a spiritual perspective and that usually comes with blatant honesty.

These are spiritual -alien beings, so naturally they can also see into our memories, look down our family lineage or peek into bedrooms, offices and homes. Some of these beings are so old and powerful, they will run rings around most people’s intellect. I feel it only prudent to pre-warn anyone first, who thinks they may try and outsmart one of them.

Spirit Airwaves First Show:

Meet Gretchen

A few days ago Gretchen and Immesh joined in conversation. If you would like to hear that interview please click on the link below. Gretchen is a shield maiden that has her own ideas about feminism and what is happening on earth right now.

Immesh pops in with us and has a few little points that he makes about events he knows are also occurring on earth.

Listen to Gretchen’s Interview here:

We are going to set up a newsletter with special podcast events and special interviews that will be available. For more information sign up here:



What’s Going On Behind Closed Doors

Members Of Congress Will Soon Be Scurrying Like Rats


Arneesh has been giving me some inside information about what is going on with the child pedophilia sex trafficking scandal that made so many Americans angry recently.

He tells me that Hillary Clinton tried to board a plane last week and was turned away by the FBI. She is actually on the NO FLY LIST and cannot leave the country. The FBI are watching her like a hawk at this time.

Hillary’s former assistant Huma Abedin and her husband Anthony Weiner have been very helpful in giving the new Administration all kinds of help and information. The Justice Department has put a case together, that is about to blow the lid off all kinds of deception perpetrated on the people of America.

Child pedophilia is only part of the whole sick thing and the Galactic Empire dislikes the Pope intensely and calls him a despicable Reptilian Hybrid. Arneesh tells me the Pope and Catholic Church are basically in charge of the whole sex slave ring worldwide. This shouldn’t come as any big surprise to people because the church have always used children in their dark sick games.

“Yesterday defendants Pope Francis Bergoglio, Catholic Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Pachon and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby were found guilty of rape, torture, murder and trafficking of children. Five judges of the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels determined that the crimes occurred as recently as 2010. Since last March over 48 eyewitnesses have come forward to testify before this ICLCJ Court about the defendants’ activities as members of the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult.”


“Victoria watch how members of congress will just suddenly disappear, as arrests and the real truth of the depravity is exposed. They will deny it and even point fingers at other people. I assure you the devouring, rape and sacrificial torture is only part of what they do to children. We look at human children much like an activist who wants to protect endangered species on your Earth. We are beyond disgusted at what human children are going through and we are going to fix it. The Galactic Empire is pushing for this depravity to be bought out into the open, so you can all see it too.” -Arneesh -Arneesh

The elites were actually trying to use a special type of dark energy and they were using children’s innocence to do this. They physically take the energy off children and consume it because they believe it gives them great power.

The Galactic Empire has had enough of the crime, death, lies and hate that is being enshrouded around our earth. The elites have been practicing the dark arts so they could encase the world in darkness and rule over all of us. These elites believe they deserve to rule over us so they use innocent child energy to fuel their sick demented games.

Whether you believe this is possible or not doesn’t matter. The point is these people believe it and that’s what makes them so dangerous to the rest of humanity.

What About Sedition In Congress? 


Arneesh tells me there are soon to be major arrests for many of the people in Congress. Apparently there is a long list of people who are about to be exposed for sedition. Once they are arrested, they will deny ever being part of it. Some of them may even plead for their lives in front of America.

Sedition: conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.

Arneesh also tells me there is talk about an attempt on the President’s Life within certain political camps. Corrupt human beings within the shadow Government may consider using a drone attack to try and take out President Trump. They haven’t decided completely what to do but there is an ongoing discussion on the table.

President Trump has a few speeches he is planning on making to the American people that will expose some of the most shocking truth bombs out there. Some of this may also involve former Presidents who are also now on the NO FLY LIST.

About George Soros

I have also been told that George Soros has been sent an official demand from the US Government to appear before them. He has been asked to explain his actions to the people of this country. If George doesn’t appear in the allotted time I think it’s 30 days, the President will seize all of his assets and use them to pay back the American people for the crimes and riots he has been behind in this country.

Elites do not care about your feelings or your outrage. Yet they teach the “emotional game” and encourage the “social justice warriors” to destroy property in universities across America. If you haven’t figured it out by now, the elites are playing games with all of us. Games are big in the universe and human elites seem to think they are on the same level of playing mind games as the Galactic Empire. I don’t think so…do you?

*** I don’t expect everyone to believe that I channel or speak to aliens and spirits. Channeling and telepathy has it’s place in the universe and is used more than most human beings know. I am just repeating what is told to me and you don’t have to believe any of it. However I will say this, have you ever noticed how people who see beyond the illusion and games, always come back with the same messages for humanity?

So if I am wrong where am I getting all this information from? I know some will call me demonic or deranged but considering the bible was supposedly written by Prophets, maybe there is truth in what people like me are relaying to others. ***

Something to think about



What’s Going On In Space

What You Need To Know About The Elites On Earth

The events that are unfolding in America right now are about to become very eye opening in the next few weeks. Arneesh has been speaking to me about what the Elites are planning and how far they have actually gone.

*** There is a real Empire of alien species who are watching the earth very closely right now. The Star Wars movies was actually the true story of how the Empire was cleansed and rewritten. The Empire came about as different alien species took back their freedom from evil leaders. Now the Empire follows a strict code of laws and rules that apply to most planets in the Universe. Rules for peace and prosperity. ***

A MESSAGE FROM THE GALACTIC EMPIRE and I posted this previously on our Facebook Page. Arneesh has a message for America…

“The next few days are going to be very eye opening for Americans and the world. The American Government is about to arrest Politicians and Businessmen who are involved in the trafficking of your children.

These people will deny ever having anything to do with hurting children but I assure you, each one of them has been involved in the eating, drinking, sexual rape and death of the most innocent in your society.

The Galactic Empire is totally disgusted with this behavior and we are now ensuring ALL HUMANS KNOW THE TRUTH, so you earthlings can see once and for all how depraved your leaders really are.

Because many alien species are eternal, it is forbidden to hurt the youngest and most innocent in any society. We have laws that must be abided by and we will no longer tolerate what humans beings are doing to their children and unborn. We are making sure Galactic Laws will now be implemented. ” – Arneesh.

How Angry The Elites Are Now


Arneesh also wants the world to know there is a fully operational laser in space right now, built by our Government. The laser can easily be directed back onto earth. It can cut into the earth 25 miles down towards the core and it will cause massive destruction on this planet if used for the elites evil intentions.

The reptilians and the humans who follow the evil, are now threatening the Galactic Empire. These people have said if they are going to lose their hold and power over the earth…as a last resort they will turn the laser back on earth. They would rather see the earth destroyed than to see humanity move forward. This is the evil we all live with on planet Earth right now. 

The Laser will create devastating earthquakes and may even crack the very core. The Empire is trying to prevent this from happening by nullifying the codes, however they don’t know how effective this will be in a crunch. The Galactic Empire is trying their hardest to prevent catastrophic events from occurring on Earth but they are not sure how far the elites on Earth will go.

“The pole shift will happen whether most people believe or not. The fact is, there has to be some upheaval on your Earth, so we can cleanse and reorganize everything once more. The Galactic Empire agrees that humans deserve the opportunity to advance now. However your elites and corrupt politicians want to control everything and everyone on your planet and they are threatening humanities very existence.” -Arneesh

What The Galactic Empire Is Considering At This Time

Because the elites on earth are threatening to use the laser on humanity, the Galactic Empire is considering doing what is called De-Evolve on Earth.

Many alien species can travel through time, so there is a discussion on the table of turning back the hands of time on Earth. De-Evolving means taking the Earth back to a time in history when all dangerous technology did not exist. Much of the alien technology now being used in the military, was stolen knowledge and therefore we never had rights to it.

Turning back the hands of time means humanity could be reset and this option is definitely on the table. It has been done to us before throughout human history so I was told. The Galactic Empire is considering this as an option to stop the destruction of our planet. Start over again with peaceful humans.

This also means other alien species can once again teach humanity without religion and politics. An environment without all the propaganda and lies we have been subjected to for centuries. It was how the Egyptians lived once and there is talk about doing something like this again. The Egyptians happily co-existed with the Annunaki, Pleiadians and Lyrans once, so there is no reason why humanity can’t live this way again.

How Aliens Control Politicians On Their Planet

The Galactic Empire has a perfect solution for dealing with corrupt politicians.

Politicians within the Empire are forced to wear a device in the back of the neck, which prevents people from being corrupt. If the person ever had a thought of doing something wrong, the device reminds them of their service and duty to the Empire. It is 100% impossible for any politician in the Empire to cheat or become untrustworthy. This was done because many other planets have already gone through corruption from their planet, just like humans are going through on earth now.

It was decided by the Empire there must be rules to prevent anyone from holding a species of people hostage ever again. Now each politician must agree to wear these devices before they are given any position of power. The Empire want to see this procedure happen to earth’s politicians too and I have to say it sounds like a perfect way to fix corruption on earth.

The Truth About The Hubble Telescope


Arneesh tells me the US Government built the Hubble Telescope because they absolutely know the truth about Nibiru. It was originally built to monitor the planet and watch for asteroids around the Winged Planet.

Scientists have also been using the Hubble Telescope to spy on alien spaceships entering the portals in our solar system. There is a portal near the sun so I am told. Earth’s scientists have also been spying on other alien ships to steal their technology and apply it to our already existing spaceships around Earth’s orbit. We have something like 11 spaceships already in space Arneesh tells me.

Earth’s scientists have not asked the Galactic Empire for the right to use powerful alien technology, there is about to be a change of guard and the elites are really desperate.

According to the Galactic Empire, it is forbidden for a species to advance beyond their capacity of understanding, especially before they are ready.

The fully operational laser in space has the capacity to eliminate many of the asteroids around Nibiru and it was originally placed in space for that reason. Recently though the laser, has become a weapon to blackmail the Galactic Empire with. The elites are currently holding humanity to ransom if they don’t get their way. This is how insane the elites have become. Rome went the same way of depraved insanity before it fell too, so we are just repeating history.

Our scientists are also playing around with antimatter. The aliens are very concerned about this because destroying the planet is very possible.

Ignorance concerning dark matter is very dangerous, it’s unpredictable in it’s early phase. It’s kinda like giving a 5 year old, a loaded gun to play with. To the aliens, we are like children playing with dangerous technology and they need to watch us more closely at this time.

This is the truth of what is actually going on in space right now. Hopefully this blog also explains why there are so many alien sightings recently.

Arneesh wants us to know the truth and his goal is to keep humanity informed. These are the points of view of an Annunaki King, who is also a part of the Galactic Empire. You do not have to believe anything he says. Telepathy and channeling is still looked down upon even though humans are very capable of using scionic powers and transmitting messages.

I have also been told there are other alien species who now aware of these writings too. Species living on this earth, are also benefiting from the current updates from the Galactic Empire. The messages are universal for humanity and other species.

“You may hear about an Alien Invasion coming to your planet. We will not be coming to destroy your planet but to try and save it. Your species have been deceived for a long time by other aliens that live on your planet. They are called Reptiles and some of the Clone Grays. The Galactic Empire is trying to right many wrongs at this time, without forcing ourselves on your world. We shall see what will unfold.” -Arneesh

Stolen technology have given humans advancement beyond the capacity of moral understanding. This is not in balance with the Galactic Empire. 

In the last 50 years our technology has tripled and now we are playing around with anti-matter in it’s early stages. This is very concerning for many alien species. The Empire says we have no real understanding of the power concerning dark matter. It has previously destroyed planets and it can happen to our earth.

The elites are threatening to blow up earth if they can’t control us anymore. The Galactic Empire do not want to see that happen. As a last resort they may de-evolve our planet. The Empire will keep the humans they feel will give Earth another chance under their guidance.

Their dream is for earth to become a society where both human and alien species will live together in peace. I know going back in time, is not what most people want to hear right now but there are a lot of things at stake to keep the earth safe.

The Reptilians and their human hybrids have deliberately created the chaos. Is is also the elites threatening to blow up our planet. The Galactic Empire is trying to find a solution and one that protects this planet and the species who live here.

I am trying to bring you the information as Arneesh brings it to me.

Humanity has to say NO the elites on this planet and push for peace worldwide. Focus on one WORD such as PEACE. Meditate and pray on it. When millions of people worldwide are all focused on that one word….PEACE….Imagine how powerful that day will be!

You and I are powerful scionic beings and it’s time we all started using that power.








Annunaki And Earthlings

How About That Beard?


So I was asking Arneesh about the beard and crown many of the Annunaki Kings have. Arneesh tells me that his beard goes down to his chest. He says it is quite a lot of grooming to style the beard in the Annunaki fashion. He normally has 2 beings help him with the style. As you can see from the above sketch the beard is quite elaborate.

I then asked Arneesh about the horns on the crowns. They represent the bull and he has 13 horns on his crown.  The more horns the more a representation of their power. Arneesh tells me he has been a King for over 10,000 years now.

He also told me about one of his daughters who is a ruler of worlds. She is the apple of her father’s eye and has turned out to be an amazing ruler. She is deeply respected by her people and leads with wisdom and kindness. So you see folks, the Annunaki have children and raise them. They also teach their children in the ways of their parents.

I wanted to show you something else about the Annunaki. For hundreds of years they have been looked upon as the bad guys. Arneesh admits that some of the Annunaki have made mistakes but just like anything else they have learned and many of the leaders have changed.



If you notice these carvings everyone is freely sharing energy for the benefit of the other person. It is the touching and sharing of energy that many humans have forgotten about but yet it’s so important for a communities health and well being. 

Arneesh often speaks about LOVE being the prime motivator in the universe. He also says as a ruler you must be wise and be able to communicate with anyone. He tells me many of the leaders on Earth today are void of wisdom and instead use their emotions too much. They make poor decisions because they have been taken over by the greedy.

One of the biggest problems in our world is that everyone is running high on emotions instead of having common sense and using problem solving skills. There is no real love in anything we do anymore. The sharing of energy is one of the biggest things humans have forgotten to use properly and yet it’s the one thing we need more than anything else at this time.

A Message From Arneesh

In the beginning the great father of all, created a race of beings he took from his genetic seed. His first born son was called Anu. We the children of Anu were given the gift of creation even though we struggled to make the decision to use it.

Eventually we decided to create humans from the existing species that roamed the earth. We took a humanoid figure that was very primitive in appearance ( but could walk upright) and we fused our genes with these beings. Eventually the Annunaki communicated and taught Earthlings how to farm, raise animals, build, read and write. Most of what you have learned came from us.

We have watched the earth children for thousands of years. Some of what you have done has been remarkable and other things were destructive and ruthless. Your species has been subjected to pain and suffering, because of your inability to comprehend our existence.

Your greatest achievement thus far has been war. We would like to teach you our technology and show you some of the secrets of the universe. It is time to change for the better. It is time to put down the weapons of war and join us. 

We have always been here and watched you. We have many of our children who walk this world. Most of you would never know they even exist. Some carry the pure Anu gene like Victoria and others carry the last vestige of our DNA. You are precious because you were made with the God gene. What was given to the children of Anu also flows through you.

You have the ability to conceive change by joining your minds together and creating your own reality. It is your stubbornness to believe that we or other species exist that holds you back. Everything you have ever dreamed of as a child and adult, already exists in the universe. Every fantasy character you were told was your imagination is real and exists. Where do you think your dreams came from? We gave you the ability to dream and use this to create your own futures.

Your world has been filled with distractions and lies so that you would forget about us.

You destroy each other over a single belief yet it is your species that has been deceived. What you call religion were stories stolen from our history and put together by men to control your very thoughts. The great father of us all, gave his original children the right to rule, the right to create, the right to keep laws, the right to protect species.

We left you all the tools you needed to become great. Reach out and touch us, join us, learn from other human -hybrids who walk the sands of your Earth. You are more than what your teachers told you. We gave you our greatness, study the ancient writings, they are our messages to you.

Not all of us are bad, actually many of us love you deeply. Some of us want to see you join us in the stars. Many of us are excited about your earth changing. You are more powerful than you know, let us teach you how. We are here to help in the transition.

We are your fathers, we are your creators, we are your watchers. We are the children of Anu. -Arneesh (Annunaki King)


Why Our Children Are Under Seige


Arneesh my Annunaki friend and King, has been educating me on what is happening to the children on Earth and why. The above graphic image is how I see Arneesh from my third eye. He is very powerful and someone who commands great respect from his subjects. He is about the wisest being I have ever spoken with and it’s been an amazing series of educational experiences when Arneesh speaks to me. 

You as the reader do not have to believe any of what I write here but when an Ancient King speaks (who has lived hundreds of thousands of years), I choose to listen to his council. He sees events occurring on a dimensional level,  which is something most humans will never fully comprehend unless they work their third eye more. Arneesh has seen all there is to see within the Universe so I willingly choose to listen to his council, especially over the liars and thieves we currently have running our Earth.

The first thing I really want to mention is the lie that has been told about the Annunaki for thousands of years. They were made out to be bullies and slave masters, when in fact it was the Reptilians who spread these lies about them. It was the Reptilians who are the real slave masters, with evil intent against humanity and not the Annunaki.

The Reptilians told these lies by tainting our history and taking powerful, ancient blessed symbols like the Swastika and turning it into evil and power. Ancient Annunaki symbols have also been used to train your mind into thinking, everything this alien species did was evil. You and I were never supposed to trust the Annunaki because of the Reptilian propaganda spread across the earth. Even Zachariah Sitchin’s books did not tell the complete truth about the Annunaki and why I have been asked to relay these messages now. The Annunaki want humans to know it is the political and religious dogma that is killing our planet fueled on by dark forces such as the Reptilians.

The human elites who currently walk this planet are mostly hybrid reptilians, so they will always choose to back up their masters by continuing the lie. Some of these lies include religion, earth’s history about the pyramids, world politics, wars and money. Hegelian Dialect comes to mind here and you should look up what that means sometime because it includes you and everything you were ever taught.

The only thing these disgusting hybrid elites care about is the complete and utter domination of all human beings living on planet earth, with us being their pets and slaves. They don’t want us to think, feel, procreate or even exist without their permission. So I ask you…who really are the slave masters because it sure isn’t the Annunaki. 

I myself am a Hybrid Annunaki who originally came from the house of the Bull. I am considered to be of the pure blood line and no… I do not have RH Negative blood either. I am not ashamed of who I am and consider myself fortunate. Because of my lineage; I strongly believe this is why I can communicate so well with spiritual and alien beings. Arneesh also informs me that I am about 30% Lyran which makes me unique in the eyes of many other aliens. The Annunaki have the ability to trace our bloodlines to the very beginning of our ancestral existence, by simply concentrating on any human being they choose.

Actually if truth be told most human DNA is already intertwined with “Other” DNA in their sequence and science knows all about it. So the whole ALIEN thing is right there in your genes people. We are all part alien and our DNA says so too.

I am being educated by an Annunaki King who I feel has so much wisdom to impart to all of humanity and why passing this information onto you, also matters for the future of our species. I have found Arneesh to be a kind and concerned being over the future of our Earth. He is nothing like the lies Reptilians have told humanity about the Annunaki at all.

Instead I have found this King to be the complete opposite of cruel and arrogant. He is someone who wants to help humanity reach out into the Universe. He wants to help us break free from our current enslavement of death and destruction from the Reptilians and he wants you to know “The Golden Lions Are Coming To Fix The Issues On Earth.” There will be a war in heaven and on Earth but it will be done to eliminate the Reptilians and bring back order to our Earth.

About Our Children Suffering Abuse


I asked Arneesh why children are being used in sick ritualistic ways or being killed and consumed. To the Annunaki this is a disgusting practice and they plan on putting an end to it. He tells me this is being done for 2 different reasons. 

Dark entities consume the most innocent because their energy is pure and tasty. Another reason why children are fed to dark forces; when the Annunaki created humanity, they made special energy provisions for childhood. We all could have been born adult clones  if the Annunaki chose this but instead they decided we all should have a happy childhood and learn from the experiences.

“Children are precious points of light that carry within their tiny bodies the hope of humanity, creation and human children have the ability to teach other alien species how to experience joy, laughter and love. Many aliens were created from clones so they do not experience things in the same way earthlings do. That’s what makes your species so special.” 

“We created all humans to have a childhood because we wanted them to understand what true laughter, innocence and joy was about. We wanted you to remember this always and model your lives based on your love of life. When we decided to create your species, we also wanted to include the growing up process and the memories of being a child. We made children the greatest gift of all because to most parents, their children are their lives.”

“We find children beautiful beyond belief because they are little points of light that shine out into the Universe. Children instinctively know the true essence of living, which is unadulterated love and joy. They bring happiness to adults around them and they inspire fantasy and creativity, they have no fear or misconceptions about life. We deeply encourage earthlings to have fantasies as children because this inspires dimensional creations, which can be recreated anywhere throughout the Universe. Were you aware of this fact?”

“Anything your world can imagine has usually been seen first through the eyes of a child and we absolutely love the beautiful energy children carry within their bodies. It is so amazing to us and the energy is a great gift to the entire Universe. To see through the eyes of a child….is that not what you say to each other as adult earthlings?”

Why Do Dark Beings Consume Children? 

From Arneesh,

When we first created your species, we wanted you all to experience the joy of being a child so you could see the Universe from within your heart and mind. We made you long for the stars, to look toward the heavens and wonder what was out there. To reach out and touch more than your eyes could see, to feel, explore and become great. You have the power to be one of the most powerful races in the Universe, if you could just unshackle yourselves from this darkness. This is what dark beings really fear, the day you all discover just how powerful a species you really are.”

“Humans were originally created from the DNA of the Great Annunaki King Anu.  You have the power to override any obstacle that becomes a negative influence on your planet. The Reptilians actually fear the day when humans discover just how powerful they really are. We gave you the gift to communicate with us anytime you wanted through your Pineal Gland. Human children still carry this hope within their bodies because of their innocence. It was always our intention to give each of you a piece of this strength, so that you would never forget you were literally created from the Gods.”

“To keep you all in subjection to the Reptilians, children are being subjected to the most despicable, disgusting acts so their innocent energy is constantly extinguished on earth. Children are literally being drained of any power, so they can never rise up and overtake the darkness. The innocent’s flesh and fluids are being consumed, so these dark beings can consume that energy because it’s that tasty to these dark entities, it is like a rich dessert your species would enjoy. Children are kept on the menu so these beings of darkness can feel powerful. So they can continue to control your species.”

“You must free yourselves of these cheap and useless distractions placed upon your being. You are being controlled so that you never question what your own kind is doing to your DNA. The Reptilians are trying to eliminate the Annunaki gene in humanity or the original power we gave you through Anu’s genes. Your body is just a shell that protects the existing power in each individual earthling. You are energy and even have the power to shape-shift when you use your mind dimensionally.  The Reptilians are trying to erode your power and set up a worldwide control mechanism which is designed to keep you all compliant and obedient. Your phone devices are a good example of this mind erosion.”

“Protect your children and keep them close by, so your child can grow up to know the real truth of us and human history. Allow them to be a child for as long as they wish…because it’s really good for humanity and they are your biggest hope for a new world. Your children are more precious than you will ever know and they matter to millions of beings throughout the Universe. How beautiful human children are to the Annunaki.”

“By the way we are the true lords of the Universe and still recognize the Great Father of all. We are also part of his creation but we the Annunaki are also your creators and this gift was given to us, to use as we saw fit. We made the Earthlings and we plan on protecting our creation away from those beings who only want to destroy your species.”

 Hold on we are coming…