Why Male And Female Energy Matters

It’s about more than you know.



Yesterday I was listening to Annunaki King “Arneesh” speak to me about the real intent behind transsexualism on Earth. He tells me this form of sexual confusion has been done on purpose and for a very specific reason.

Everything in the Universe is about balance. Most people on earth will never understand the pure energy patterns of male and female energy and why our world is in so much trouble.

The energy that was given to human beings from the Annunaki also came with a lot of spiritual connection. Human beings do not die, they transcend into another form.

Annunaki females and males actually take a piece of their energy and share it with their mates. In other words an Annunaki male will share a piece of his energy with his female mate and vice versa. This energy is kept within their chest cavity and close to what humans would perceive as the heart. This is done as a mark of respect to their mate but more importantly energy sharing maintains a perfect balance within their species.

Even if you were born a human male and want to look and act female, the energy patterns do not change and therefore you are still regarded as male to other Alien species such as the Annunaki. Sorry if you don’t like these facts but the energy that was given to you at birth does not change just because you dress or feel differently.

It doesn’t matter how much you want to be female or male because your spiritual essence was given unto to a human body that encapsulated you into that sexual framework. This TRUTH is something our Governments and world leaders do NOT want you to know about and why they spread the lie about transsexualism.

Transsexualism was specifically designed to separate the male and female energy from human beings and keep it apart. For by keeping the male-female energy separated, you can manipulate and control others.

Making confused humans believe they can change is also part of the deception. For when you look in your underwear and you see a penis or a vagina, this is the energy you were born with and no amount of medical augmentation or fashion style can change that fact. The Universe gave you that energy because you previously requested it be so. Unfortunately there are some people who for whatever reason carry on their female  or male identity from a past life into their current one. Some of this is not their fault but it also explains how some humans do not feel comfortable in their current bodies.

Your human body just encapsulates the energy you arrived on this earthly plain with. So if you came into this life with male energy you are male and if you came with female energy you are female. There is no in between not according to the Annunaki anyway.

When the Annunaki spend sexual time with their mates they will do so for days at a time and then take a break from each other. They love to mix the female and male energies together because they know the absolute importance of this energy being directed in the right way. The Annunaki understand the body even more than humans do, because they use this energy and create many great things together. Many Annunaki are like biologists, scientists, savants and they use their knowledge of the male and female energy to create new species which once included human beings or earthlings as they call us.


Every negative thing you are seeing happening in this world now, is the direct opposite of what should naturally happen. It has been dark energy and dark beings who have twisted the energies and made it into a perversion. So you see what is happening on earth right now is the separation of female and male energy in order to control all of humanity. 

Males like our first lady and Caitlynn Jenner are pretending to be female but they still cannot escape the fact their energy is and always will be male. There is no pretending to give birth that will ever change the fact you were born with a penis and that is the way Aliens still perceive them to be as well. Females who are pretending to be male will always be female and there is no pants, beard or cutting your breasts off into pretending your are now male. Your energy will ultimately stay the same as much as you may hate that fact.

The sex you were born with was of your own choosing even though you don’t remember when you entered this life. The game of life comes with no memory of the past so you can’t cheat with your current body or human status.  Trying to change your sex is considered cheating at the game of life to the Annunaki and they only make you come back and try it out again. So the moral of your sexual appearance….don’t cheat because your next life will be harder and less easier to play because the real lords who run the game of life, will ultimately make sure of it.

This fact is still one of the great universal laws that applies to all living beings and there is nothing you can do to change this fact. Alien or human whatever sexual tool lives in your underwear, is the same energy you now project out into the Universe.