Channeled Message With Mother

Meet Mother From The Collective


Mother is a female spirit who channels her message through Victoria. Yesterday morning she spoke to everyone about Feminism and Transsexualism. She does not understand why women and saying they have no power and explains that it was the women in her time that ran the tribes.

Mother says she was alive when the great beasts like the Mammoth walked this earth. She wants everyone to know there must be a blending of energies Male and Female in order for our world to be in balance.

She says we must share this combined energy with the Earth and go back to living more simpler lives. It is a very interesting interview with a female spirit that most have revered over time. She is mother.

Mother says if you ever want to see how she lived once, Watch the movie 10,000 BC and you will notice it was the women who ran the tribe. See the Movie Trailer Here:

Hear the Interview from Mother here:




*** I don’t expect everyone to believe that my husband and I channel or speak to aliens and spirits. Channeling and telepathy has it’s place in the universe and is used more than most human beings know. I am just repeating what is told to me and you don’t have to believe any of it. However I will say this, have you ever noticed how people who see beyond the illusion and games, always come back with the same messages for humanity?

So if I am wrong where am I getting all this information from? I know some will call me demonic or deranged but considering the bible was supposedly written by Prophets, maybe there is truth in what people like me are relaying to others. ***