What NASA Isn’t Saying To Us

Today’s Interview With Steven, Mike and Victoria


NASA is finally coming out and saying there is life on other planets. Well it’s a little too late to tell the public what most of us have already known for a long time. I believe as do many of the spirits believe, NASA is now coming out and saying this because they can no longer hold back the truth about Nibiru and the Galactic Empire.

“These two agencies (and when we refer to NATO, we are speaking of the larger military-industrial complex) have never been formally called to account for their propaganda. NASA obviously lies in public presentations.  In some videos of the moon landings, astronauts supposedly walking on the moon evidently are supported by wires.  Or they get up without moving their legs. Meanwhile, some space station activity seems to have been filmed in big pools that contain replicas of outer space technology. And it has been speculated that green screens are used as well.”

Source: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-08-11/staggering-corruption-reveals-natonasa-lies-heart-pentagon

You need to know these guys are going to come up with lies that will say “the Aliens are violent and want war with our Earth.”  This will be A LIE as Arneesh has said “Most Alien species are peaceful beings” and they want that for our Earth too.

Aliens watching our planet from space want peace and prosperity for humanity not more war and hatred. It’s actually the Reptilians who run the Elites and Congress that want continual war on this planet. If we don’t stand up to these sick aliens-human hybrids we will forever be under their control. Do you want to be a slave and lunch to Reptilians because I certainly don’t. Read more here:



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*** I don’t expect everyone to believe that my husband and I channel or speak to aliens and spirits. Channeling and telepathy has it’s place in the universe and is used more than most human beings know. I am just repeating what is told to me and you don’t have to believe any of it.

However I will say this, have you ever noticed how people who see beyond the illusion and games, always come back with the same messages for humanity?

So if I am wrong where am I getting all this information from? I know some will call me demonic or deranged but considering the bible was supposedly written by spiritually connected prophets, maybe there is truth in what people like me are relaying to others. We live in exciting times and both the spiritual and alien realm is trying to connect with YOU at this time in human history. ***