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Chattel, Arneesh and Spirit Airwaves Second Channeling’s

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It’s been a been couple of busy weeks around our family home and why some of the postings have slowed down. Many of our unseen family have been busy watching events taking place in the world, so they can keep all of you updated on current events.

As I have mentioned many times before what happens in our family is quite unique.

My sons have been raised around spirits since the day they entered this life. I promised my children I would raise them to have an open mind and accept there is more in this universe than just human beings on one little blue planet. I taught my sons to accept there are things our human eyes can see and other things our third eye can see far into the beyond. Both of my youngest sons have drawn some incredible sketches of alien technology, spiritual constructs and sometimes future events. One of our sons is also savant and there isn’t much he doesn’t know about the Universe.

Do I think my children are blessed? Yes they have been given gifts from other beings to use and open up new areas of their brains as they grow older.  Actually many children who are connected at a young age also are given similar gifts from aliens and spirits.

As a parent I know the education my boys have been given has expanded their awareness and allowed them to communicate with other life forms and different energies. The boys were never afraid of things that go bump in the night. Instead our sons used to tell the spirits to put down the toys and let them sleep.

To Think We Are The Only Ones In The Universe Is Sheer Arrogance

The universe is filled with habitable planets, other life forms and incredible technology; so for anyone to think humans are the only ones who exist under the guidance of the Great Father is quite an ignorant person.

Let people mock you for thinking differently because small minds cannot comprehend big spirits. Search inside of yourself because deep down, you know I am right. YOU are an eternal being. You are a combination of flesh and spirit.

Some of you are hybrids who carry alien genes (actually according to Arneesh, One Third of the population on earth are hybrids) and this has been going on for thousands of years. I am Annunaki and Lyran…there I admitted it. I know other people who are constantly visited by Grays and their gene pool is likely connected to them.


*I woke up one morning with red indentations on my left butt cheek. It looks like a hexagon with a tail and so I asked Chattel about it. He told me the Grays who work with the Annunaki put it there so they could monitor my gene pool. It is like a stamp to let other alien species know this one is taken and not to touch her. 

The elites want you to believe only their bloodlines matter but they also know when YOU find out your genetics are as important as theirs…it’s game over. The elites will lose power and control over humanity, so it’s time to get up off your knees humans and hybrids living on earth. Restore your bloodlines and heritage too because we do not have to be slaves to the Reptilians anymore.

I hope to bring you a few new spirits next time which includes a beautiful being named Saydif. Saydif is unique because he has reached the highest level of joy attainable for any being to reach. He spreads joy and happiness wherever he goes and much of the time his heart belongs with helping human children.

Ok enough of my babble here are the latest recordings I promised you. Enjoy them everyone.

Arneesh Channeling

Hear Arneesh speak about some of what I have mentioned in this blog:

Chattel Channeling

Listen to Chattel’s Second Warning To Humanity As he discusses Geo-Engineering and Nibiru Heading Towards Earth:

Spirit Airwaves Show 2

Spirit Airwaves Second Show Looks Into What Happens When We Die?:































The Truth About Crop Circles

Humanity Will See Amazing Things Happening Very Soon 


The above crop circle is the emblem of the Galactic Empire

Earth, welcome to the Galactic Empire of planets. Arneesh wants the earth to know that many messages have been sent out to the people of earth and crop circles was just one way they were communicating with us. Many of the designs were actual mathematical messages to let us know they were watching and teaching us their technology.

symbolsIf you look at the design of the above crop circle you will notice similar designs that have been found on ancient temples and buildings throughout history.

Many of the Annunaki had amazing structures built in places from Egypt, Persia, South America and even Rome with similar symbols.

Arneesh says that humans are fixated on symbols and while sometimes this matters, it is only a tiny part of the actual truth. Once again humanity has been directed into a false belief that symbols are all that matters.

Not everything you see from ancient times was negative and many symbols (like the all seeing eye) were actually used for healing, sharing energy and communication. It was the corruption and deception from the reptilians that made humans believe these symbols were hateful and negative.

Arneesh tells me there is a chance some of the world leaders may yet meet him but in his current form he does not want to appear to humans. He explained to me why meeting aliens has to happen slowly for the Earth. He likened their arrival to how humans try to keep the native people in the Amazon protected from other prying eyes. Most modern humans do not want to interfere in their way of life and something like a lighter could change their whole perception. This example is exactly how many alien species view the human race.

No More Worship Of False Beliefs

The aliens do not want humans worshiping them like Gods because of all the religious lies we have been told for many centuries.  They do not want to start another religious lie ever again and they want you to know they have made mistakes too.

“It is all the dogma and political lies that is killing your world Victoria.” – Arneesh

annunaki-tallHuman beings have already seen the end result of religious worship and the hate it created across our planet.
 Just look at how the Catholic Church poisoned the minds the tribes in South America, Africa and the USA. It damaged their culture and way of life.

The culture of Islam blew up ancient sculptures, temples and buildings in order to hide the truth of Persia’s ancient existence. The Persians learned from the Annunaki and there is no denying this fact. Just take a look at some of these amazing photographs for verification in the provided link below. Source:

In the above sculpture you can see an Annunaki King being shielded from the sun by humans. The Annunaki sky command symbol can be seen directly at the top over the King. The sculpture also shows the height variation of a taller being compared to humans. 

These ancient alien sculptures were seen on temples everywhere in Persia and there are many more showing respect between the different species.

Many of the people who have controlled our emotions, thoughts and spirituality took advantage of others and didn’t care how they did it. It changed lives in a negative way because the reptiles pushed themselves onto people who were not ready to receive them.

Human beings who have allowed the Reptilians to take over their bodies, forced humanity to believe a lie and even tortured others over their non-belief. It was all done to enslave us in fear and we have been enslaved for long enough!

What’s going to happen on Earth now

In the next few weeks humanity is about to see some amazing things happen. Because Trump has the backing of the Galactic Empire the aliens are going to make sure we are made aware of technology that will propel us into the future. President Trump has already said he is planning on releasing all the secrets.

The technology has been kept secret for many years from the public so the greedy elites could profit from it. Zero point energy means no more digging in the ground for oil or fracking. Zero point energy uses the ATOM to create it’s own energy source and it will change our planet for the better. We are destroying our planet with fossil fuels and there is absolutely no need to do this if we use Zero Point Energy.

Arneesh tells me there is a big chance some of the world leaders will meet him as they discuss the way the Earth should advance. Can you imagine being Putin or Trump and meeting a 22 foot high Alien King? Yes he may also decide to make his presence known after humanity has begun working on the new technology.

How humans will interact in the future with aliens

Arneesh tells me that 1/3 of the people walking this planet already have alien genes fused to human and this will be used to help awaken others. Many of us have memories of past lives and living on other planets, which is why we are important to the future. Our memories can be used to educate and direct the future of this planet in positive ways.

I personally am not an archon as some closed minded individuals will say but rather a traveler and I have visited this planet many times before. I have come back over again to learn the human way of life and to teach others in the universe. Arneesh tells me we had spoken before in the past and that he has also spoken to my future self.  My memories from past lives have been recorded by the Annunaki and many of these memories are now being referenced by them. They remember me from a long time ago as a scientist who help to terraform and seed other planets, so they rely on my information now living as a human.

Believe it or not through my conversations with Arneesh I am helping the Annunaki understand humanity better. Because of all the corruption from world governments, the Annunaki would rather hear from the people who live day to day lives, rather than be told a bunch of rhetoric and lies. John Kerry you didn’t fool any of the aliens you recently spoke to in Antarctica, they already know what a complete liar and coward you are. The King is not very impressed with any of you.

When I asked Arneesh why the Annunaki left our planet, just so we could be taken over by the reptiles he said this to me “Do not human parents eventually encourage their children to go out on their own and find their way? This is what we did, we left you to manage the house in our absence and some of you abused the privilege but we are planning on fixing this problem.”

The reptiles do not want to leave and have stated to the Galactic Empire if they are being forced off this planet they will decimate 2/3 of the human population. So you see people if you want to know where all the misery comes from, look to the direction of the reptiles.

I will say this, not all reptiles are bad and there are many now who are trying to get rid of the ones currently on earth. They are not pleased how some of their own people have behaved to a lesser species (meaning humans) and they want to change the status quo. I was visited by a reptile about a month who called himself Amos and he wanted me to know he was saddened to hear how humans had been treated for thousands of years by his brethren. He was now going to educate his people on how humans can interact with reptiles in a way where all species can flourish.

My education from an Annunaki King has tongues waging across the universe and different species are now coming forth to speak with me. They constantly ask how certain things are done on earth so they can come here oneday. I am trusted more than most public servants in the Government because I speak plainly and with truth.

In a future blog I will discuss the Elohim and Nephalim with you, so as to educate you on the lies told in the bible about this subject.



The Annunaki Way Of Life

Look To The Horizon Because They Are Coming


The above image is the same flying object seen by Sumerians and Babylonians as the Annunaki aircraft depicted as the “winged disk”.


In the last couple of weeks I have been given an amazing education about the life of the Annunaki. I feel very fortunate to have this information because it really does matter to the future of our planet. By having this education it gives us insight on how Earth will be structured after the pole shift. Our planet will not be the same and being face to face with real aliens is soon to be a fact.

Arneesh tells me that there is a judicial system within the Annunaki and the final decision is usually conducted by the Kings who rule in different parts of space. In this region of space our earth is run by a King called Arneesh who lives on a spaceship called the “Arramayus” which is about 100 miles around. According to Arneesh this spaceship is one of the smaller ones and was named after an Annunaki hero. Inside the spaceship are animals, waterfalls, land, cities and other technology for the people to be completely self sufficient.

The Sky Command symbol can be seen below and is found on earth in many different places, especially in the Middle East


The Annunaki also use sonic showers to keep their bodies clean and they have clothing that automatically unfolds when removed. They never need to wash their clothes  because they use replicators for clothing and food. Where do you think the Startrek series got all that information from?

The Annunaki can travel through time because the secret is “Time Bubbles” and these beings can pick events in the future, as well as going back into the past. They can change certain events and most of the time humans never know it happens. Jupiter Ascending the movie explains how this is done and I suggest you watch it sometime.

This species of alien is not flesh as humans know but are more a combination of spirit and flesh. The Annunaki can also shapeshift but the lie about them being the reptiles is not exactly true. The reptiles are a completely different species and not very well liked throughout the Universe.

Arneesh can shapeshift into the form of a golden Lion. Over a hundred thousand years ago the Annunaki mixed some of their genes with the Lyrans who take the form of cats. The Annunaki were taught shape shifting from the Lyrans who can also take the form of human. In ancient Egypt the Lyrans walked freely around. Where do you think the Goddess Bastet came from?  Domestic house cats came from the Lyran empire as a gift for humans to remember them by and why the Egyptians worshiped cats.

Remember the Thunder cats on TV? Well that cartoon was based on the Lyran Empire and the humanoid species of alien that lived. You see folks the Galactic Empire have been trying to tell us humans for a long time these beings really exist. Now you know why there were so many golden lions seen throughout history. The lions were carved into thrones, painted on walls and huge sculptures were always set in front of temples as guards and protectors.


The way things are done with the Annunaki

The Annunaki believe in perfection and some of that also means the management of different alien species. Humans are standing on the precipice of change and why those who are corrupt and evil are fighting back with media propaganda at this time.

The internal struggles in America are closely being monitored by the Galactic Empire at this time. Until certain events happen there is a law that other species cannot intervene. Some of this chaos will have to play out first and internal war in America may even happen before we come to our senses.

Our Earth is one planet different alien species do not want to see ruined. At this time many species are backing people like Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin to bring back law and order. The Annunaki actually favor the Russian people because their way of living is similar to the Annunaki and they believe in strength and endurance.

Arneesh tells me Donald Trump is not perfect but he was a superior choice over Hillary Clinton, who has yet to pay for her crimes against humanity. The Galactic Empire is at this time backing Trump because they believe if he stays true to himself, order can be restored in America. Believe me the Annunaki have not forgotten what some of these world leaders have done to the human children and there is a reckoning coming.

Similar courts and military structures

Many of the judicial, military and other similar structures we have on earth are very much the same way with the Annunaki. After all humans learned these structural ways of ruling from them. However the difference is, the Annunaki King has the final word on squabbles and other alien species arguments. It is very hard to maintain balance and it requires constant vigilance from the King.

The same childish things go on between different species as on earth. Wars are averted because the King steps in and tries to make everyone happy. Arneesh says when there are too many opinions you end up with chaos and this is why the earth is in such turmoil now.

fThere are Annunaki women who also have a big say in the political life. Many of the women at court handle dignitaries from other planets.

Other alien females are also bought into  the Annunaki politics to become new courtesans within the Kings realm. The courtesans are there to help smooth out the bumps and show diplomats hospitality and welcome them. They also arrange functions and other diplomatic arrangements.

I was recently visited by an Annunaki female named Darla who told me it is the women who run the political courts. She also came to say hello because many of the Annunaki have been hearing about Arneesh conversing with me. The females were curious like anyone else and so Darla came to introduce herself to me as the head courtesan in Arneesh’s kingdom.

I will have more information to share with you in a later blog so keep on reading and I will keep on reporting. Take care and be safe because the world is an unpredictable place to live in at this time.



The Lie About Religion And War…

As my education increases with the Annunaki, so does humanities release from indoctrination and propaganda. Everything I am taught from these amazing beings, I will absolutely share with you and have been given full permission to do so.

The Annunaki want you to learn the truth, so you are no longer relying on Hybrid Reptilians for information because these despicable creatures have been lying to humanity for centuries now.

The Reptilians currently control our congress, the military, science and biotech, corporations across the globe, royal family members and of course the offshore banking cartels. There are plenty of YouTube videos showing human eyes changing right before the camera. The videos are slowed down to almost nothing, so that you can see the shape shifting occurring.  These are hybrid human-reptilians and many of them are also cloned, in case someone passes away before their service to the reptilians has been completed. That’s why it seems like these hybrids never die and grow more decrepit each passing year. Each one of these humans have been cloned.

Video Source:

Of course there will always be humans who will say these video’s are photoshopped or what I am writing about is nothing more than pure nonsense. Quite frankly I am NOT here for the naysayers anymore but for those who already know something is very wrong on our planet. If you haven’t figured out by now our world is in deep trouble, then we really don’t have that much in common and you will never understand what I am saying.

I have also come to realize it’s the human way to be stubborn and not recognize that aliens or any other type of life form exists outside of being human. These are the people who refuse to listen because the truth is sometimes more shocking to believe, than the lie told to humanity for centuries. Ignorance in this case is not bliss and this world had better wake up quick because these reptilian creatures want it all, with YOU as their slaves. You are not free if you believe in their lies.


Image Source:

THE TRUTH…AND YOU ARE NOT GOING TO LIKE THIS: “In his responses, Corey explains just how extensive the Galactic human slave trade has been, the principal parties involved, and the egregious mistreatment of those unfortunate enough to have been taken captive. Corey further explains that “Drop Zones” exist, where the bodies of humans that have been killed, mutilated or exploited in some way have been left, and how national security agencies have suppressed this information.”


The Lies You Need To Free Your Mind From

  • Humans are the only species existing in the Universe: Well that’s a totally arrogant philosophy to believe because the truth is; our little blue planet is only a speck in the Universe compared to the other millions of other planets-life forms that also exist. Free your mind because the lie about Humans being the only life form came from the Reptilians. There are all kinds of life forms that can shape shift, travel through time and exist in non and human like forms. Just because you cant see them with human eyes, doesn’t mean they aren’t there.
  • Do you also believe that GOD “Creator of all” decided only human beings could be his chosen people? Newsflash: GOD created the Annunaki long before he allowed them to create humans…and yes God knows all about the creation of humans too. If this divine being had a problem with our creation, he would have ended it thousands of centuries ago. God is not what your bible has taught you to believe and neither is Jesus his son. These are just more lies you have been taught and totally indoctrinated with.
  • It was the reptilians who decided human beings needed a Bible to keep them complaint. Yes this is true because according the reptilians and other dark entities  we all needed something to believe in, something to hold us captive…so the answer became religion as they played their evil mind games on us. I was told once by a dark entity that revealing this bit of information to the world, would only make me look crazy and humans were way too dumb to believe religion was a lie designed to control our every thought and action. The truth is the Catholic Church plagiarized the Sumerian Tablets and called it God’s Holy Word. Most of the churches are filled with reptilian hybrids who still control us. Every time you step foot inside one of their Satanic places of worship, you enable them. So I have to ask, are you still a groupie or an individual thinker?
  • We need Governments to help us with commerce and peace agreements. They are here to help us manage our countries trade agreements. If you still believe we need twisted people with evil intentions to run our world, then you have been completely brainwashed into believing the lie. I actually feel sorry for people who think this way because oneday soon, you will end up on some planet somewhere being an indentured slave to those nasty beings you already worship. I suggest you sign up for the Walmart alien abduction program now, so that you can continue your slave life somewhere else in this Universe.

What About This Push For War With Russia?

As most of you know the USA and NATO keep pushing for a war with Russia. The truth is there is a lot of money to be made in war. The elites in the banking, corporate and Government know this too as our US Presidents have also been involved in this corruption process. The worse thing anyone should approve of, is going to war when all life on this planet is under extreme threat. These are evil people we are dealing with so wake up.

In order to have a war there must be a boogeyman for you to hate. That means lies must be spread and hostilities must be heightened. If WW1 and WW2 taught us anything it is this: propaganda is always a successful tool in manipulating people’s minds for more war. Some of the best propaganda in this era came from America, Russia, Britain and Germany and it hasn’t changed that much since.

War propaganda is nothing more than a big game of cat and mouse. The bankers fund these wars and many people make a lot of money off them. Humans have been manipulated over religion, war, racism and other ideologies for a long time and it’s time to unshackle yourselves and see the distractions for what they are. LIES and MANIPULATION.


“Hegel’s dialectic is the tool which manipulates us into a frenzied circular pattern of thought and action. Every time we fight for or defend against an ideology we are playing a necessary role in Marx and Engels’ grand design to advance humanity into a dictatorship of the proletariat. The synthetic Hegelian solution to all these conflicts can’t be introduced unless we all take a side that will advance the agenda. The Marxist’s global agenda is moving along at breakneck speed. The only way to completely stop the privacy invasions, expanding domestic police powers, land grabs, insane wars against inanimate objects (and transient verbs), covert actions, and outright assaults on individual liberty, is to step outside the dialectic. This releases us from the limitations of controlled and guided thought.” 


I also want to point out that Russia is no push over and is more than capable of defending themselves against any attack Nato and the US may try and dish out. Do people understand what a Nuclear war will do to our Earth? Do our leaders even care that we DO NOT WANT ANYMORE WAR. Most of humanity is weary of fighting and just want an end to the despair and hatred. People want our world to become a peaceful place to live in but as long as there are narcissistic sociopaths running our earth, they will never allow this to happen.


Image Source:

Most of the elites want a war because they realize Nibiru is not far off, so they need more distractions for the people on Earth to have. They do not want you to suspect the Government and elites are totally behind it all.

One problem after the other is designed to fill people with despair and fear everyday. Here is the best advice I can offer, turn off the TV and stop letting mainstream media fill your head with lies. Were you aware that is now legal in the USA to tell lies and propaganda to the people? In the US media lying is now a daily occurrence, while the real truthseekers and whistleblowers are called out as liars and propagandists.

“The amendment — proposed by Mac Thornberry (R-Texas) and Adam Smith (D-Wash.) and passed in the House last Friday afternoon — would effectively nullify the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948, which explicitly forbids information and psychological operations aimed at influencing U.S. public opinion.” Source:

The elites do not want any of us to suspect what’s really going on and will NEVER tell you the truth. Our world leaders want a clear unobstructed pathway into their bunkers, so they can control the world from a nice safe place. They do not care about the rest of humanity left to fend for themselves on the surface. They actually want us fighting so they can make fun of our struggles as we are just an amusement to them. Once the wars and devastation is over, these elites plan on crawling out of their bunkers, so they can rule the rest of us who survive. Is this something you want because I certainly don’t. How do I know these things? I asked Arneesh about it and he told me what to expect.

One thing the elites have not planned for is the Annunaki. These fools still believe they can manipulate the Annunaki and schmooze them into believing they are concerned about the future of humanity. My Annunaki friend Arneesh has told me of the elites plans and why we all need to know the truth:

“The Governments on your Earth DO NOT have the people’s best interests included. They are lying to the people as they have always done and you are foolish to believe they are here to help anyone but themselves. These elites as you call them, have become like depraved animals needing to feed upon their own vomit. In our society there is free housing, energy, clothing, food and nourishment for all. This is the most basic need for any being and we the Annunaki plan on freeing your society of this sickness very soon. ” -Arneesh (Annunaki King)

Changes are coming soon and it’s time to let your world leaders know they have gone too far with a potential Nuclear war on the horizon.

Annunaki King Arneesh

Taq-e Bostan

Kings of the Universe

While most of what I am relaying to you are the conversations from Arneesh, this education also applies to the time zone humans now live in. Some of what I am passing on to you will not be comfortable to hear but I have been told you need to listen to it anyway.

About Arneesh: For starters he is 22 feet tall and he is not Nephilim as the bible will tell you. He is Annunaki and is over 180,000 years old. The bible is a book of good advice and stories but there is no Jesus per-say and Arneesh tells me it is the folklore and lies told on this planet that is part of our entire problem.

gods-enkiHe is a powerful King that dresses in head to toe Gold. He looks like a buffed gladiator who is ready for battle and he wields a powerful sword, he keeps sheathed by his side.

Arneesh wears a magnificent crown on his head in the same style as other Annunaki crowns and has a braided beard with long dark hair. He looks very much like the statues you see carved on ancient stone walls. Arneesh has brilliant blue eyes that sparkle when he speaks and is about the most handsome beautiful being you could ever want to lay eyes upon. Sometimes I see him sitting in a great chair on his spaceship that he currently has parked near Venus. Yes people the Annunaki did live on this planet for quite some time back in the days of the Egyptians and Babylonians.

Arneesh has reigned over different regions of space for over 120,000 years and is in charge of this particular region of space. He can shapeshift into a Golden Lion when he chooses and is quite capable of silencing any menace on Earth and the Reptilians know it.

The great Annunaki King Anu still exists and overseas all the other Kings. There are currently 23 other kings who have dominion over their predestined areas of the Universe. Arneesh is the sky commander over Earth and his region of space is vast. He controls planets whereby billions of different Alien life forms exist and where each planet is monitored frequently. Right now Earth is the hot button topic because of what the Reptilians are doing to our planet.

Actually the Reptilians are afraid of the Annunaki returning and why the Bush Crime Family really wanted to go into Iraq in the first place. They were trying to find the hidden gateways and destroy them all before the Annunaki arrived back on Earth.

“Imagine this scenario. The U.S. government obtains intelligence that hidden somewhere in central Iraq is an actual stargate, placed there by the Anunnaki ‘gods’ of ancient Sumeria… In this scenario, when Nibiru (the alleged “twelfth planet”–J.T.) is closest to Earth, the Anunnaki ” will “take the opportunity to travel to Earth through that same stargate and will set up their encampment in Iraq.” 


The truth is there are stargates the Annunaki have hidden on this planet and they have plans to use them again. They are not silly enough to divulge the locations of where they are either, so Nato being in the Middle East will still not prevent the arrival of the Annunaki. These powerful alien beings actually find war mongering humans amusing in their behavior. As Arneesh says “To think these little men actually believe they can control the Lords of the Universe.” as he laughs about these futile and stupid attempts in his deep voice. In other words there is no military weapon you can use against the Annunaki that will work because they can easily squash us like bugs. I have been told these Earthlings will do as they are commanded and no little toy gun or military plane is going to stop us.

I assure you, the elites who think they run our world have become totally demented and out of control.Some the mind confusion was done on purpose by the Annunaki, so the rest of us could actually see the darkness in our world leaders. The Annunaki confused the minds of these elites and allowed them to think they were powerful and ran the world. In our leaders arrogance their true intent was exposed which we now see as insane, depraved, decadent, war mongering, blood lusting imbeciles.

All those bunkers the elites have built underground with food stores and supplies, well the Annunaki have a little surprise in store for them too and it’s not going to be pretty. Did these elites really think they could hide inside the Earth, while the rest of us were left on the surface to try and survive Nibiru?

Yes people; Arneesh assures me Nibiru will shortly be here and it will be a devastating event on this planet when it finally arrives. Our Government knows all about this planet but have no plans on telling you about the arrival, so I am. Already we are seeing other planets in the sky, increased earthquakes, drought and a few other tell tale signs but the fun hasn’t even begun yet.


Stolen Alien Technology 

The Annunaki also want humans to know, every last piece of Alien technology NASA and the worldwide Military Complex has been using-testing for over 50 years, has been STOLEN. We were never given permission to use or copy any of it. Arneesh says it was not the fault of some poor alien who crashed on Earth and had his spaceship used for illegal purposes while his body was dissected into a million different pieces. The Annunaki blame the humans for their arrogance and there is no excuse they can make about stealing information we were NOT ready for. The stolen technology problem according to the Arneesh is about to be rectified as well.

There must a lot of people walking this Earth right now living in fear concerning the day the Annunaki return because I assure you justice is about to be served.

The Annunaki also have the ability to defuse Nuclear technology but are more concerned over the experiments CERN are doing. DARK MATTER is no joke and one of the most recent earthquakes in Italy happened because Cern is playing around with matter they cannot control. There is a huge crack in a nearby mountainside in Italy, that runs for miles now and the crack only appeared  after the earthquake happened. Arneesh tole me it was Cern who did this.

Dark matter has been known to engulf worlds and totally destroy them and why CERN is not going to be allowed to continue this dangerous experiment for much longer. The  energy portals Cern is opening up, allow for some of the nastiest dark entities to enter our Earth. Once again you can thank the Reptilians for this stolen technology and bringing in the dimensional shape shifting creatures to Earth. I have been told a mega demonic entity has been loosed upon our planet now and his job is to create havoc and war.

What’s Coming To Earth Soon By Arneesh


For too long human beings have basically been fed lies and kept in the dark about everything happening on our planet. The Reptilians who reside on Earth are being exposed as cruel task masters who consume children and other human beings and they have become very angry knowing their deception is no longer working. The reptilians want revenge before they are escorted out the door and kicked off planet Earth.

As I have mentioned before, the Reptilians are threatening to exterminate 80% of humanity if they can’t get what they want from the Galactic Empire. The Reptiles have been told to leave our planet and they have decided if that’s the case they are NOT going away without a fight.

YOU need to know this information so you can move to higher ground and away from areas of the coastline that may soon be underwater. The Reptilians are also threatening to lay waste to this planet with up to three nasty epidemics. These epidemics will be weaponized which means… highly infectious.  If you can get out of the cities, now is the time to do it.

There will be mega Earthquakes that will destroy many parts of the planet and much of the technology we currently use, will no longer work or will be very limited in its ability. There will be sleeping volcanoes that will be erupting and the Pole Shift will ultimately change the landscape of our planet.

Arneesh wants you to know this event has occurred on earth before and once the planet has been cleansed, humans will have the ability to work from a clean slate. To evolve our species as explorers in the Universe just like the Startrek episodes said we could. The Earth will be transformed into a planet of peace, enlightenment and respect. We will be able to welcome other alien species to our planet as friends and neighbors along with conducting business in a way that will enhance our technology for the better.

Replicators, sonic showers and technology to cure disease already exists throughout the universe now. Clothing that basically disappears from your body as you remove it, with no need to wash ever also exists. Temperature controlled environments without using fossil fuels exists as does building spaceships.  Zero point energy already exists, which means no drilling or poisoning the Earth anymore. The ability to communicate from planet to planet is something easily done. These are just some of the gifts other alien species wish to share with us. Arneesh told me that our species should have been in the stars over 200 years ago but the propaganda and dogma has held us in a perpetual state of ignorance on this planet.

Humans have been deliberately held back by the Reptilians who have lied about everything. It is the Reptilians that do not want us to have any of this technology because as their preferred slave race, they believe we are not entitled to have it.

I say hybrid Reptilian humans and the Reptilian race on earth can go suck a lemon. It is humanities time to shine and reach out into the Universe. Change is coming to Earth soon and there is nothing these creeps can do about it anymore.

I for one am looking forward to a dramatic change on Earth, how about you?

The Annunaki To The Rescue

The Golden Lions Are Coming

There Is A Pyramid In Antarctica…


For most people it is completely hard to believe that that our earth is currently under siege from Reptilians walking around pretending to be human. Our world Governments are filled with nasty creatures who look human but in actual fact have been taken over by a race of alien creatures who have little respect for humanity or the earth.

This is not the first time these creatures have devoured worlds or caused in house fighting, religious upheaval and the complete destruction of a planet. They did the same thing on Venus many thousands of years ago because they wanted the same controls. This behavior totally destroyed Venus and it looks like Humans are headed the same way.

If you listened to the 30 minute MP3 I recently did concerning this fact, you would know that the Reptilians are not going away without a fight. If you haven’t previously heard the conversation then you can listen here

Senator John Kerry recently went to Antarctica to basically plead for his life along with all the other human-reptilian hybrids that currently run our US Government. Since when does a foreign dignitary go to Antarctica, unless he is speaking with beings who are NOT human and “foreign” from where exactly? Kerry’s job description as Secretary of State calls for foreign discussions toward other human beings and not personal visits to Antarctica? See more about his visit here…

I am very aware of the conversation Kerry had with the Annunaki and other alien beings who were all present on this day he arrived. The Annunaki King Arneesh speaks with me everyday now and he filled me in on the conversation they had with Kerry. Let me just say this, there is an Annunaki base in Antarctica and these beings are living there now.

Even Buzz Aldrin was recently tweeting about his experience in Antarctica. The media quickly covers up his truth by saying Buzz is ill and doesn’t know what he is saying, he is delirious and not in charge of his full mind. Believe me he was telling the truth when he said we are all in danger…and I know why. 


Here is what our Government knows and will NEVER tell any of you about:
Many of the Walmart’s will be used in the near future as places for aliens to come shopping. You see the elites have a sick plan they have NOT shared with anyone else. King Arneesh tells me these places will be used to initially lure people into thinking this is where they will come for supplies from the Government. Walmart’s will be looked upon as places of sanctuary once the Cataclysmic events start occurring in the USA like intense volcanoes, viral epidemics and the collapse of our society. (This has all been done by design to lure YOU into thinking Walmart’s are where your family can survive with the Government looking after us.) 

At first there will be people going to Walmart to get food, water and blankets after the Media tells everyone this is where they need to go for supplies. (Walmart was always set up for this very purpose and the history on Sam Walton is a dark one.)  Once the crowd has their supplies, they will  naturally run back and tell others where to go for provisions too and the Reptilians are counting on it. Without even knowing these people will be helping in the lure and trapping of other human beings.

I am going to warn people now DO NOT to go to any Walmart Centers when the media call goes out after a cataclysmic event occurs, it will be a trap of the worse kind. The false alien invasion is coming soon courtesy of our lying Government. The Reptilians would have Earthlings believe the Annunaki will be responsible for all the chaos occurring on earth and we all need to fight off this menace together. This will be a lie of the worse kind.

The Walmart’s are going to be set up as places for aliens to purchase human beings. Some of us will be taken off world and placed into breeding programs or studied for scientific purposes, while others as a food source and then ultimately becoming slaves to other species who want to keep humans as pets. The movie Jupiter Ascending relays the absolute truth about the future of humanity and who runs the Universe. If you will notice the image below shows Earth being overshadowed by a huge planet in the horizon. That’s just more truth of what is coming to our skies very soon. See more concerning this movie here…


  • The Annunaki originally bred humans thousands of years ago as a slave race to extract gold for them. However they now see we are ready to graduate from Kindergarten to Grade School. They will be signing us up onto the Galactic Empire as a new species entering these planetary rules.  Star Wars movies do not seem so fantastical anymore does it? Don’t be surprised if we see more alien visits in the near future as Earth becomes a place where all races, species and aliens can live and co-mingle in peace.  Read the book of Enki on this truth here….
  • Some of the bartering and trading going on with other alien species will include humans. It is the Reptilians who set this up and has very little to do with the Annunaki. The Reptilians have arranged for other species of aliens to partake in the human delights. This is really why Buzz had his heart attack because he found out the truth and was terrified of what is coming.
  • There is no Jesus or religion and it was set up as the biggest lie ever, so that human beings would remain in a constant state of ignorance and denial. This was deliberately done so when the day arrived for humans to know the actual truth, they still wouldn’t believe what was placed before them. This scripture comes to mind from the bible: “But the sons of the kingdom will be cast into the outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” Matthew 8:12. The outer darkness refers to being sent out into space and the regret of not listening or heeding the warnings.
  • The Seventh scroll opening is spoken about in the Book Of Enki but also in the bible. “When the Lamb broke the seventh seal on the scroll, there was silence throughout heaven for about half an hour.” Revelation 8:1.  The actual scrolls belong to the Annunaki and the King referred to in the bible is King Anu. The “Great father of all”  first born son was actually ANU and not some human character made up by the church called Jesus. Oh and by the way, there is no rapture either unless you include humans being taken off world into some alien breeding program, that will be the real rapture.

The Annunaki King Arneesh told me of these events recently and I totally believe him. He asked me to pass this information onto you and he wanted everyone  to know why some of these events have to play out on Earth first. He wants you to know there are non interference Galactic Empire laws that all alien species are governed by.  Unfortunately the Reptilians do not like abiding by these laws and why they are now causing havoc on earth before the empire comes after them.

All of the technology our scientists and NASA know was stolen off spaceships that crashed or aliens that died in facilities. We were NEVER given permission by the Galactic Empire to create dark matter or nuclear weaponry. However Earth has now reached the age of Dark Matter from Cern and why some things must play out now. You can thank the Reptilians for most of the issues we are currently experiencing on this planet because they refuse to play by the Galactic rules and encouraged world leaders to take technology and abuse it.

Reptilians and the Annunaki

The Annunaki are very aware that Reptilians actually control hybrid humans and clones currently running world Governments.  The Annunaki are not going to allow the Reptilians to  destroy everything on earth as they did with Venus. They are absolutely disgusted with these hybrid humans who have been drinking and consuming human fluids and flesh from the most innocent in our society. We have sicko’s running everything at the moment but that time is coming to an end very soon.

I have been told by Arneesh “There are changes coming very soon and we will not tolerate this disgusting behavior for much longer.”  I will say this to you… our Government officials are cowards because they only went to Antarctica pleading for their lives and not on behalf of the rest of the people who live on this planet. There were other provisions Kerry also discussed with the Annunaki that were considered or agreed upon as well. I assure you there isn’t that much trust placed in human-reptilian hybrids where the Annunaki are concerned. They are VERY aware of all the evil committed on planet Earth and who is totally responsible for it.

I now spend time everyday with Arneesh and I educate him on modern human behavior, our Earth, corporation greed and the destruction of earth, the dumbing down of humanity and religious evil. I also share with Arneesh, those of us who really want to see brighter days and a better future for humanity. Those people who love and care for the earth and want to see healthy happy children playing and giggling once more.

I am here to say the Annunaki want to see Earth join the Galactic Empire and reach for the stars too but before that happens there are going to be some major upheavals on earth and you had better be prepared for it.

Once the pole shift happens our earth will not be the same…nor will our system of living, commerce, energy or even the way we grow food. Everything will be changing and why you will NEVER hear anything like this from our world leaders. They know they are about to lose power and it’s become a fearful and dangerous time for them. They know their days are numbered and there will be a recall of past behavior presented to the Annunaki judicial system. 

YES PEOPLE there is a Galactic Empire that Earth will be joining soon and when that day happens, there are certain rules that must be abided by all alien species who come here to visit and live on planet Earth.  

Once Earth is established under these Galactic rules, beings like the Reptilians will have very little control over us anymore and they know it. In order to maintain some sort of control over the earth now, the Reptilians are saying they will cause as much chaos, destruction and sickness now if they can’t have a say. They are also threatening to extinguish up to 80% of Earth’s population with a viral epidemic if the Annunaki will not agree to their terms.  This is what humanity faces now and what you will never hear coming out of our leaders mouths because most of them are hybrids themselves. The problem with our world leaders is they have already pledged their services to the Reptilians and cannot leave them even if they wanted to. So our world leaders are screwed and have nothing to lose at this point in time but cause problems.

The Annunaki were one of the FIRST species ever created in the Universe and they were also given the gift of creation, intelligence, power and laws by the great father of all. They can shake the very foundations of the Universe and have more power than most of us will ever know. The Golden Lions are coming back to take their place on Earth. I hope you are ready because big changes are coming to our world very soon….