Meet Immesh From The Collective

Immesh Speaks About Life Extension Technology


A couple of days ago Immesh from The Collective spoke to everyone about Life Extension Technology. He also discussed events that are occurring on Earth or are about to happen in the near future.

Immesh is a very colorful spirit with his own views and opinions of humans, aliens and how humanity needs to be. It is a fun interview and Immesh is also planning on being a regular contributor to Spirit Airwaves when we begin transmission of that show.

Immesh Speaks:

Who Owns The Earth Podcast

We also have another podcast that both Mike and Victoria put together about what is happening between the Reptilians already on Earth and the Galactic Empire.

Even if you don’t believe what we are saying, we encourage everyone to do their own research on the subject matter we discuss.

Who Owns The Earth:

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*** I don’t expect everyone to believe that my husband and I channel or speak to aliens and spirits. Channeling and telepathy has it’s place in the universe and is used more than most human beings know. I am just repeating what is told to me and you don’t have to believe any of it.

However I will say this, have you ever noticed how people who see beyond the illusion and games, always come back with the same messages for humanity?

So if I am wrong where am I getting all this information from? I know some will call me demonic or deranged but considering the bible was supposedly written by spiritually connected prophets, maybe there is truth in what people like me are relaying to others. We live in exciting times and both the spiritual and alien realm is trying to connect with YOU now and warn of impending danger and humanities bright future. ***



A Message From Chattel The Gray

Alien Gray Has An Urgent Message For Humanity

grayIn the last couple of days our house has been a very busy place. Many different beings are coming and going which includes a new friend named Chattel.

Chattel is a Gray from the Galactic Empire and he has come with a message for humanity. I did write these beings were going to start warning humanity a few weeks ago. 

Just like human beings there are good and bad aliens. There are good and bad Grays along with good and bad Reptilians. The point is Chattel is a good being and he brings us an urgent warning and he wants YOU to hear it.

Chattel works with Arneesh and was inspired to come and speak to the earthlings because of what the Annunaki King is also doing. I may have other beings who may wish to speak from the Galactic Empire at some point too. Arneesh has also said he will do a Podcast and speak to humanity.

My husband is now channeling these messages from the Galactic Empire because of the urgency and time constraints. We have decided to put aside our privacy and share these revelations to you, that’s how important they are. This has been a very hard decision for our family to make but one we felt needed to be shared. My husband and I have been with many of these beings for over 15 years and we have pretty much kept this a secret in our family.

Why we decided to invite the world into our unique lives, listen here:

Listen To The Podcast From Chattel Here:

If you have a question for Chattel and want some answers please be respectful with your questions. He is nothing like humans and will not answer questions related to your personal life. He brings a message and will only answer things related to aliens on earth, hybrids, ancient knowledge and where humanity goes from here.

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** I don’t expect everyone to believe that my husband and I channel or speak to aliens and spirits. Channeling and telepathy has it’s place in the universe and is used more than most human beings know. I am just repeating what is told to me and you don’t have to believe any of it. However I will say this, have you ever noticed how people who see beyond the illusion and games, always come back with the same messages for humanity?

So if I am wrong where am I getting all this information from? I know some will call me demonic or deranged but considering the bible was supposedly written by Prophets, maybe there is truth in what people like me are relaying to others. ***

What’s Going On Behind Closed Doors

Members Of Congress Will Soon Be Scurrying Like Rats


Arneesh has been giving me some inside information about what is going on with the child pedophilia sex trafficking scandal that made so many Americans angry recently.

He tells me that Hillary Clinton tried to board a plane last week and was turned away by the FBI. She is actually on the NO FLY LIST and cannot leave the country. The FBI are watching her like a hawk at this time.

Hillary’s former assistant Huma Abedin and her husband Anthony Weiner have been very helpful in giving the new Administration all kinds of help and information. The Justice Department has put a case together, that is about to blow the lid off all kinds of deception perpetrated on the people of America.

Child pedophilia is only part of the whole sick thing and the Galactic Empire dislikes the Pope intensely and calls him a despicable Reptilian Hybrid. Arneesh tells me the Pope and Catholic Church are basically in charge of the whole sex slave ring worldwide. This shouldn’t come as any big surprise to people because the church have always used children in their dark sick games.

“Yesterday defendants Pope Francis Bergoglio, Catholic Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Pachon and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby were found guilty of rape, torture, murder and trafficking of children. Five judges of the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels determined that the crimes occurred as recently as 2010. Since last March over 48 eyewitnesses have come forward to testify before this ICLCJ Court about the defendants’ activities as members of the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult.”


“Victoria watch how members of congress will just suddenly disappear, as arrests and the real truth of the depravity is exposed. They will deny it and even point fingers at other people. I assure you the devouring, rape and sacrificial torture is only part of what they do to children. We look at human children much like an activist who wants to protect endangered species on your Earth. We are beyond disgusted at what human children are going through and we are going to fix it. The Galactic Empire is pushing for this depravity to be bought out into the open, so you can all see it too.” -Arneesh -Arneesh

The elites were actually trying to use a special type of dark energy and they were using children’s innocence to do this. They physically take the energy off children and consume it because they believe it gives them great power.

The Galactic Empire has had enough of the crime, death, lies and hate that is being enshrouded around our earth. The elites have been practicing the dark arts so they could encase the world in darkness and rule over all of us. These elites believe they deserve to rule over us so they use innocent child energy to fuel their sick demented games.

Whether you believe this is possible or not doesn’t matter. The point is these people believe it and that’s what makes them so dangerous to the rest of humanity.

What About Sedition In Congress? 


Arneesh tells me there are soon to be major arrests for many of the people in Congress. Apparently there is a long list of people who are about to be exposed for sedition. Once they are arrested, they will deny ever being part of it. Some of them may even plead for their lives in front of America.

Sedition: conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.

Arneesh also tells me there is talk about an attempt on the President’s Life within certain political camps. Corrupt human beings within the shadow Government may consider using a drone attack to try and take out President Trump. They haven’t decided completely what to do but there is an ongoing discussion on the table.

President Trump has a few speeches he is planning on making to the American people that will expose some of the most shocking truth bombs out there. Some of this may also involve former Presidents who are also now on the NO FLY LIST.

About George Soros

I have also been told that George Soros has been sent an official demand from the US Government to appear before them. He has been asked to explain his actions to the people of this country. If George doesn’t appear in the allotted time I think it’s 30 days, the President will seize all of his assets and use them to pay back the American people for the crimes and riots he has been behind in this country.

Elites do not care about your feelings or your outrage. Yet they teach the “emotional game” and encourage the “social justice warriors” to destroy property in universities across America. If you haven’t figured it out by now, the elites are playing games with all of us. Games are big in the universe and human elites seem to think they are on the same level of playing mind games as the Galactic Empire. I don’t think so…do you?

*** I don’t expect everyone to believe that I channel or speak to aliens and spirits. Channeling and telepathy has it’s place in the universe and is used more than most human beings know. I am just repeating what is told to me and you don’t have to believe any of it. However I will say this, have you ever noticed how people who see beyond the illusion and games, always come back with the same messages for humanity?

So if I am wrong where am I getting all this information from? I know some will call me demonic or deranged but considering the bible was supposedly written by Prophets, maybe there is truth in what people like me are relaying to others. ***

Something to think about



The Elohim and Nephilim

Is What We Read In The Bible Really True?



The bible speaks about the Nephilim and how they were born from angels and humans. Considering the bible plagiarized the Sumerian tablets and told many of the same stories, an open minded person can see much of what was written in the bible was stolen knowledge.

King Anu is recorded as being the first son of the great father of all according to the Sumerian Tablets. This means in his own right he was a God, even though he is also considered Annunaki. The great father gave Anu the right to rule over many things which also included human beings.  I have actually spoken to Anu once when he came to visit so yes he still exists. He has a very deep thundering voice and the energy that came off him was incredible. Anu is very aware of what is going on with the earthlings and who is pushing all the hate at this time.

Where We All Came From

The Annunaki took us from a raw form (Neanderthals) and mixed some of their genes with ours. They fused our genetic code so that we eventually aged. Over time, more of our kind were created as the Annunaki perfected their  skills in gene pools. They made us so that we could speak and take commands. They taught us to farm and grow food. They taught us how to build amazing structures and use the stars as ways to decipher events. They taught us how to write and read. They were our parents like it or not.

The story about Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden (Edin to the Annunaki) is somewhat true but the Annunaki called Adam (Adamu) and Eve was called (Tiamat). The serpent did not deceive Eve as was foretold in the bible because in ancient times the serpent represented something entirely different. “Thus the serpent in Sumerian texts is just a symbol of knowledge and wisdom–Enki being sometimes called “The one who knows all.” The 14 tablets of Enki speak about the creation of humans as do many other scholars who have studied the tablets.

Read More Here:

I will say this about the bible, there are good messages in there about loving your neighbor, showing compassion and using love as the most powerful force in the universe. These are good lessons and should be applied in everyone’s life anyway. You don’t need a book to show you how to act, simply touch your heart and you will  know whats right or wrong.

My Understanding Of The Nephilim

monk-writingIt seems to me much of the confusion and lies came from the Monks who put the first bibles together. Their writings were chained to desks at that time so they couldn’t take them or read their work to other people. Only the elites had the privilege of reading and education at this time.

If you are going to keep people in the slave mentally mode, what better way than to lie to everyone about their existence and where they came from? If people can’t read for themselves then all they have to go by is the words you speak. That’s how you manipulate and control populations and it’s what the elites have done to us all for thousands of years.

It is always a good plan to make people afraid of powerful beings who came to earth and created us. The church had a hard time convincing many pagans who just didn’t believe the lies so they made up more lies to coerce the pagans into their doors. Most of the lies in religion came from the Church and the Talmudists who are all ruled by the Reptilians. Look up Hegelian Dialect sometime and this whole thing might make more sense to you.


If you think about how we were really created we are all Nephilim inside because we carry some of the Annunaki gene. Some of us carry more of the Annunaki than other people but we all have that “unknown” element in our gene pool.

Some of the ancient children born from the Annunaki, were sent back to live with their family on Nibiru. The Nephilim are tall and powerful because the Annunaki are naturally that way themselves. Many of the Nephilim have scionic abilities which is something we all have, if we set our minds to it.

In all reality does that make the Nephilim or us bad beings? No, it just means they were half human and half Annunaki. If one of your parents is white and the other black…does that make you weird? Of course not, you are mixed and that’s exactly the way the Annunaki look this with the hybrids.  I am considered a hybrid by the Annunaki so does that make me evil too? Would an evil person promote community, love, growing food, living good lives, understanding and universal knowledge?

Enoch spoke about the Nephilim but he also spoke about being a go between between the sons of man and God. The bible also says Enoch was taken by God well how did that happen? The bible says Enoch was one of Gods most beloved children…Enki loved Enoch and took him to live with the Annunaki. Another prophet who would see spaceships and fantastic things recorded in the bible was Ezekiel. The Annunaki have been contacting humans for a long time and they teach through other human hybrids.

The Book Of Enki written by Zachariah Sitchen speaks about Enoch from the Sumerian records. Enoch was the son of Cain (who killed Abel his brother) and Luluwa, daughter of Lilith according to the book of Enki.

You can download a copy of the book here:

About The Elohim

I spoke with a being recently who introduced himself as Elohim, so I asked him about them and how they exist. He went by the name “AR”and he told me that many of the Elohim are also Watchers. He did not regard himself Angelic but more Annunaki.

AR spends a lot of his time in South America because he loves some of the people who live in the high mountains. He told me that many of the Elohim like the places of fire, just like humans love to watch the sea roll into the shoreline. He will often watch volcanoes and sit inside of them.

They watch the fire in volcanoes and actually get much of their energy from these places. AR had only been learning English for one day and yet he spoke to me as if he had always used the language. He said it was difficult to learn English because one word can have multiple meanings. He also told me that Arneesh had told him to come and speak with me and so that’s what he did.

So if what AR spoke about liking the places of fire, I can only think this is where the whole “Hell” lie came from. The Elohim are not God as the Jews profess because many of them actually work with the Annunaki Kings.

Educational Source:

“The words used for God varies in the Hebrew Bible. According to the documentary hypothesis these variations are the products of different source texts: Elohim is used as the name of God in the Elohist (E) and Priestly (P) sources, while the name Yahweh is used in the Jahwist source. Form criticism postulates the differences of names may be the result of geographical origins; the P and E sources coming from the North and J from the South. There may be a theological point, that God did not reveal his name, Yahweh, before the time of Moses, though Hans Heinrich Schmid showed that the Jahwist was aware of the prophetic books from the 7th and 8th centuries BCE.”


A lot of these lies about religion, aliens or good and evil have come from the Zionist Talmudic liars and it’s time to wake up everyone. Earth is about to change but strap on your seat belts because it’s going to be a bumpy ride before we see it happening…



One of my best friends is a powerful angelic being called John. He is the head of the judiciary system within the angelic realm. Yes there are archangels which includes some with wings and others without. I have never seen John with wings and much of the time he wears blue and white robes.

John is a soft spoken wonderful being who reminds me of father Christmas with his long white beard and hair and he calls me his darling dumpling. I really love this angelic being and have often referred to him as my bestest buddy. He has told me how the great father of all loves all of his children seen and unseen. Some of his powerful ancient children have been put in positions of authority because they were personally chosen for these positions by the Great Father.

I can tell you that John is currently watching the Judges on earth and he is not impressed with their behavior. He makes the decision on what happens to them after they pass. If human judges have been evil and deceptive their spirit must stand before the angelic judiciary system and answer for their behavior. A judge is set in a position that requires authority and therefore they are held to certain standards in the angelic realm.

Arneesh has told me there are areas where he is above John and other areas where John is above him. You see the spiritual realm is very different than what most people know. Angels, Annunaki and the Elohim all have their place in the Universe. ALL of these beings acknowledge and love the Great father of all.

Arneesh and I have spoken about the real GOD of this universe and he tells me he is not what most people think he is and does not intervene as most people seem to think. He allows events to unfold and many of the children of Anu are the ones in charge of discipline  and change on planets.

God handed over many of the rulings and teachings to his first born child Anu. The angels are below the Annunaki as Anu was created first. This is completely the opposite of what the bible teaches because the truth as they say is much harder to believe than the lies we have been told.

In the next blog I will fill you in on the Egyptians and what those pyramids were actually created for and it wasn’t to house Pharaohs.



The Truth About Crop Circles

Humanity Will See Amazing Things Happening Very Soon 


The above crop circle is the emblem of the Galactic Empire

Earth, welcome to the Galactic Empire of planets. Arneesh wants the earth to know that many messages have been sent out to the people of earth and crop circles was just one way they were communicating with us. Many of the designs were actual mathematical messages to let us know they were watching and teaching us their technology.

symbolsIf you look at the design of the above crop circle you will notice similar designs that have been found on ancient temples and buildings throughout history.

Many of the Annunaki had amazing structures built in places from Egypt, Persia, South America and even Rome with similar symbols.

Arneesh says that humans are fixated on symbols and while sometimes this matters, it is only a tiny part of the actual truth. Once again humanity has been directed into a false belief that symbols are all that matters.

Not everything you see from ancient times was negative and many symbols (like the all seeing eye) were actually used for healing, sharing energy and communication. It was the corruption and deception from the reptilians that made humans believe these symbols were hateful and negative.

Arneesh tells me there is a chance some of the world leaders may yet meet him but in his current form he does not want to appear to humans. He explained to me why meeting aliens has to happen slowly for the Earth. He likened their arrival to how humans try to keep the native people in the Amazon protected from other prying eyes. Most modern humans do not want to interfere in their way of life and something like a lighter could change their whole perception. This example is exactly how many alien species view the human race.

No More Worship Of False Beliefs

The aliens do not want humans worshiping them like Gods because of all the religious lies we have been told for many centuries.  They do not want to start another religious lie ever again and they want you to know they have made mistakes too.

“It is all the dogma and political lies that is killing your world Victoria.” – Arneesh

annunaki-tallHuman beings have already seen the end result of religious worship and the hate it created across our planet.
 Just look at how the Catholic Church poisoned the minds the tribes in South America, Africa and the USA. It damaged their culture and way of life.

The culture of Islam blew up ancient sculptures, temples and buildings in order to hide the truth of Persia’s ancient existence. The Persians learned from the Annunaki and there is no denying this fact. Just take a look at some of these amazing photographs for verification in the provided link below. Source:

In the above sculpture you can see an Annunaki King being shielded from the sun by humans. The Annunaki sky command symbol can be seen directly at the top over the King. The sculpture also shows the height variation of a taller being compared to humans. 

These ancient alien sculptures were seen on temples everywhere in Persia and there are many more showing respect between the different species.

Many of the people who have controlled our emotions, thoughts and spirituality took advantage of others and didn’t care how they did it. It changed lives in a negative way because the reptiles pushed themselves onto people who were not ready to receive them.

Human beings who have allowed the Reptilians to take over their bodies, forced humanity to believe a lie and even tortured others over their non-belief. It was all done to enslave us in fear and we have been enslaved for long enough!

What’s going to happen on Earth now

In the next few weeks humanity is about to see some amazing things happen. Because Trump has the backing of the Galactic Empire the aliens are going to make sure we are made aware of technology that will propel us into the future. President Trump has already said he is planning on releasing all the secrets.

The technology has been kept secret for many years from the public so the greedy elites could profit from it. Zero point energy means no more digging in the ground for oil or fracking. Zero point energy uses the ATOM to create it’s own energy source and it will change our planet for the better. We are destroying our planet with fossil fuels and there is absolutely no need to do this if we use Zero Point Energy.

Arneesh tells me there is a big chance some of the world leaders will meet him as they discuss the way the Earth should advance. Can you imagine being Putin or Trump and meeting a 22 foot high Alien King? Yes he may also decide to make his presence known after humanity has begun working on the new technology.

How humans will interact in the future with aliens

Arneesh tells me that 1/3 of the people walking this planet already have alien genes fused to human and this will be used to help awaken others. Many of us have memories of past lives and living on other planets, which is why we are important to the future. Our memories can be used to educate and direct the future of this planet in positive ways.

I personally am not an archon as some closed minded individuals will say but rather a traveler and I have visited this planet many times before. I have come back over again to learn the human way of life and to teach others in the universe. Arneesh tells me we had spoken before in the past and that he has also spoken to my future self.  My memories from past lives have been recorded by the Annunaki and many of these memories are now being referenced by them. They remember me from a long time ago as a scientist who help to terraform and seed other planets, so they rely on my information now living as a human.

Believe it or not through my conversations with Arneesh I am helping the Annunaki understand humanity better. Because of all the corruption from world governments, the Annunaki would rather hear from the people who live day to day lives, rather than be told a bunch of rhetoric and lies. John Kerry you didn’t fool any of the aliens you recently spoke to in Antarctica, they already know what a complete liar and coward you are. The King is not very impressed with any of you.

When I asked Arneesh why the Annunaki left our planet, just so we could be taken over by the reptiles he said this to me “Do not human parents eventually encourage their children to go out on their own and find their way? This is what we did, we left you to manage the house in our absence and some of you abused the privilege but we are planning on fixing this problem.”

The reptiles do not want to leave and have stated to the Galactic Empire if they are being forced off this planet they will decimate 2/3 of the human population. So you see people if you want to know where all the misery comes from, look to the direction of the reptiles.

I will say this, not all reptiles are bad and there are many now who are trying to get rid of the ones currently on earth. They are not pleased how some of their own people have behaved to a lesser species (meaning humans) and they want to change the status quo. I was visited by a reptile about a month who called himself Amos and he wanted me to know he was saddened to hear how humans had been treated for thousands of years by his brethren. He was now going to educate his people on how humans can interact with reptiles in a way where all species can flourish.

My education from an Annunaki King has tongues waging across the universe and different species are now coming forth to speak with me. They constantly ask how certain things are done on earth so they can come here oneday. I am trusted more than most public servants in the Government because I speak plainly and with truth.

In a future blog I will discuss the Elohim and Nephalim with you, so as to educate you on the lies told in the bible about this subject.



The Annunaki Way Of Life

Look To The Horizon Because They Are Coming


The above image is the same flying object seen by Sumerians and Babylonians as the Annunaki aircraft depicted as the “winged disk”.


In the last couple of weeks I have been given an amazing education about the life of the Annunaki. I feel very fortunate to have this information because it really does matter to the future of our planet. By having this education it gives us insight on how Earth will be structured after the pole shift. Our planet will not be the same and being face to face with real aliens is soon to be a fact.

Arneesh tells me that there is a judicial system within the Annunaki and the final decision is usually conducted by the Kings who rule in different parts of space. In this region of space our earth is run by a King called Arneesh who lives on a spaceship called the “Arramayus” which is about 100 miles around. According to Arneesh this spaceship is one of the smaller ones and was named after an Annunaki hero. Inside the spaceship are animals, waterfalls, land, cities and other technology for the people to be completely self sufficient.

The Sky Command symbol can be seen below and is found on earth in many different places, especially in the Middle East


The Annunaki also use sonic showers to keep their bodies clean and they have clothing that automatically unfolds when removed. They never need to wash their clothes  because they use replicators for clothing and food. Where do you think the Startrek series got all that information from?

The Annunaki can travel through time because the secret is “Time Bubbles” and these beings can pick events in the future, as well as going back into the past. They can change certain events and most of the time humans never know it happens. Jupiter Ascending the movie explains how this is done and I suggest you watch it sometime.

This species of alien is not flesh as humans know but are more a combination of spirit and flesh. The Annunaki can also shapeshift but the lie about them being the reptiles is not exactly true. The reptiles are a completely different species and not very well liked throughout the Universe.

Arneesh can shapeshift into the form of a golden Lion. Over a hundred thousand years ago the Annunaki mixed some of their genes with the Lyrans who take the form of cats. The Annunaki were taught shape shifting from the Lyrans who can also take the form of human. In ancient Egypt the Lyrans walked freely around. Where do you think the Goddess Bastet came from?  Domestic house cats came from the Lyran empire as a gift for humans to remember them by and why the Egyptians worshiped cats.

Remember the Thunder cats on TV? Well that cartoon was based on the Lyran Empire and the humanoid species of alien that lived. You see folks the Galactic Empire have been trying to tell us humans for a long time these beings really exist. Now you know why there were so many golden lions seen throughout history. The lions were carved into thrones, painted on walls and huge sculptures were always set in front of temples as guards and protectors.


The way things are done with the Annunaki

The Annunaki believe in perfection and some of that also means the management of different alien species. Humans are standing on the precipice of change and why those who are corrupt and evil are fighting back with media propaganda at this time.

The internal struggles in America are closely being monitored by the Galactic Empire at this time. Until certain events happen there is a law that other species cannot intervene. Some of this chaos will have to play out first and internal war in America may even happen before we come to our senses.

Our Earth is one planet different alien species do not want to see ruined. At this time many species are backing people like Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin to bring back law and order. The Annunaki actually favor the Russian people because their way of living is similar to the Annunaki and they believe in strength and endurance.

Arneesh tells me Donald Trump is not perfect but he was a superior choice over Hillary Clinton, who has yet to pay for her crimes against humanity. The Galactic Empire is at this time backing Trump because they believe if he stays true to himself, order can be restored in America. Believe me the Annunaki have not forgotten what some of these world leaders have done to the human children and there is a reckoning coming.

Similar courts and military structures

Many of the judicial, military and other similar structures we have on earth are very much the same way with the Annunaki. After all humans learned these structural ways of ruling from them. However the difference is, the Annunaki King has the final word on squabbles and other alien species arguments. It is very hard to maintain balance and it requires constant vigilance from the King.

The same childish things go on between different species as on earth. Wars are averted because the King steps in and tries to make everyone happy. Arneesh says when there are too many opinions you end up with chaos and this is why the earth is in such turmoil now.

fThere are Annunaki women who also have a big say in the political life. Many of the women at court handle dignitaries from other planets.

Other alien females are also bought into  the Annunaki politics to become new courtesans within the Kings realm. The courtesans are there to help smooth out the bumps and show diplomats hospitality and welcome them. They also arrange functions and other diplomatic arrangements.

I was recently visited by an Annunaki female named Darla who told me it is the women who run the political courts. She also came to say hello because many of the Annunaki have been hearing about Arneesh conversing with me. The females were curious like anyone else and so Darla came to introduce herself to me as the head courtesan in Arneesh’s kingdom.

I will have more information to share with you in a later blog so keep on reading and I will keep on reporting. Take care and be safe because the world is an unpredictable place to live in at this time.



Annunaki King Arneesh

Taq-e Bostan

Kings of the Universe

While most of what I am relaying to you are the conversations from Arneesh, this education also applies to the time zone humans now live in. Some of what I am passing on to you will not be comfortable to hear but I have been told you need to listen to it anyway.

About Arneesh: For starters he is 22 feet tall and he is not Nephilim as the bible will tell you. He is Annunaki and is over 180,000 years old. The bible is a book of good advice and stories but there is no Jesus per-say and Arneesh tells me it is the folklore and lies told on this planet that is part of our entire problem.

gods-enkiHe is a powerful King that dresses in head to toe Gold. He looks like a buffed gladiator who is ready for battle and he wields a powerful sword, he keeps sheathed by his side.

Arneesh wears a magnificent crown on his head in the same style as other Annunaki crowns and has a braided beard with long dark hair. He looks very much like the statues you see carved on ancient stone walls. Arneesh has brilliant blue eyes that sparkle when he speaks and is about the most handsome beautiful being you could ever want to lay eyes upon. Sometimes I see him sitting in a great chair on his spaceship that he currently has parked near Venus. Yes people the Annunaki did live on this planet for quite some time back in the days of the Egyptians and Babylonians.

Arneesh has reigned over different regions of space for over 120,000 years and is in charge of this particular region of space. He can shapeshift into a Golden Lion when he chooses and is quite capable of silencing any menace on Earth and the Reptilians know it.

The great Annunaki King Anu still exists and overseas all the other Kings. There are currently 23 other kings who have dominion over their predestined areas of the Universe. Arneesh is the sky commander over Earth and his region of space is vast. He controls planets whereby billions of different Alien life forms exist and where each planet is monitored frequently. Right now Earth is the hot button topic because of what the Reptilians are doing to our planet.

Actually the Reptilians are afraid of the Annunaki returning and why the Bush Crime Family really wanted to go into Iraq in the first place. They were trying to find the hidden gateways and destroy them all before the Annunaki arrived back on Earth.

“Imagine this scenario. The U.S. government obtains intelligence that hidden somewhere in central Iraq is an actual stargate, placed there by the Anunnaki ‘gods’ of ancient Sumeria… In this scenario, when Nibiru (the alleged “twelfth planet”–J.T.) is closest to Earth, the Anunnaki ” will “take the opportunity to travel to Earth through that same stargate and will set up their encampment in Iraq.” 


The truth is there are stargates the Annunaki have hidden on this planet and they have plans to use them again. They are not silly enough to divulge the locations of where they are either, so Nato being in the Middle East will still not prevent the arrival of the Annunaki. These powerful alien beings actually find war mongering humans amusing in their behavior. As Arneesh says “To think these little men actually believe they can control the Lords of the Universe.” as he laughs about these futile and stupid attempts in his deep voice. In other words there is no military weapon you can use against the Annunaki that will work because they can easily squash us like bugs. I have been told these Earthlings will do as they are commanded and no little toy gun or military plane is going to stop us.

I assure you, the elites who think they run our world have become totally demented and out of control.Some the mind confusion was done on purpose by the Annunaki, so the rest of us could actually see the darkness in our world leaders. The Annunaki confused the minds of these elites and allowed them to think they were powerful and ran the world. In our leaders arrogance their true intent was exposed which we now see as insane, depraved, decadent, war mongering, blood lusting imbeciles.

All those bunkers the elites have built underground with food stores and supplies, well the Annunaki have a little surprise in store for them too and it’s not going to be pretty. Did these elites really think they could hide inside the Earth, while the rest of us were left on the surface to try and survive Nibiru?

Yes people; Arneesh assures me Nibiru will shortly be here and it will be a devastating event on this planet when it finally arrives. Our Government knows all about this planet but have no plans on telling you about the arrival, so I am. Already we are seeing other planets in the sky, increased earthquakes, drought and a few other tell tale signs but the fun hasn’t even begun yet.


Stolen Alien Technology 

The Annunaki also want humans to know, every last piece of Alien technology NASA and the worldwide Military Complex has been using-testing for over 50 years, has been STOLEN. We were never given permission to use or copy any of it. Arneesh says it was not the fault of some poor alien who crashed on Earth and had his spaceship used for illegal purposes while his body was dissected into a million different pieces. The Annunaki blame the humans for their arrogance and there is no excuse they can make about stealing information we were NOT ready for. The stolen technology problem according to the Arneesh is about to be rectified as well.

There must a lot of people walking this Earth right now living in fear concerning the day the Annunaki return because I assure you justice is about to be served.

The Annunaki also have the ability to defuse Nuclear technology but are more concerned over the experiments CERN are doing. DARK MATTER is no joke and one of the most recent earthquakes in Italy happened because Cern is playing around with matter they cannot control. There is a huge crack in a nearby mountainside in Italy, that runs for miles now and the crack only appeared  after the earthquake happened. Arneesh tole me it was Cern who did this.

Dark matter has been known to engulf worlds and totally destroy them and why CERN is not going to be allowed to continue this dangerous experiment for much longer. The  energy portals Cern is opening up, allow for some of the nastiest dark entities to enter our Earth. Once again you can thank the Reptilians for this stolen technology and bringing in the dimensional shape shifting creatures to Earth. I have been told a mega demonic entity has been loosed upon our planet now and his job is to create havoc and war.

What’s Coming To Earth Soon By Arneesh


For too long human beings have basically been fed lies and kept in the dark about everything happening on our planet. The Reptilians who reside on Earth are being exposed as cruel task masters who consume children and other human beings and they have become very angry knowing their deception is no longer working. The reptilians want revenge before they are escorted out the door and kicked off planet Earth.

As I have mentioned before, the Reptilians are threatening to exterminate 80% of humanity if they can’t get what they want from the Galactic Empire. The Reptiles have been told to leave our planet and they have decided if that’s the case they are NOT going away without a fight.

YOU need to know this information so you can move to higher ground and away from areas of the coastline that may soon be underwater. The Reptilians are also threatening to lay waste to this planet with up to three nasty epidemics. These epidemics will be weaponized which means… highly infectious.  If you can get out of the cities, now is the time to do it.

There will be mega Earthquakes that will destroy many parts of the planet and much of the technology we currently use, will no longer work or will be very limited in its ability. There will be sleeping volcanoes that will be erupting and the Pole Shift will ultimately change the landscape of our planet.

Arneesh wants you to know this event has occurred on earth before and once the planet has been cleansed, humans will have the ability to work from a clean slate. To evolve our species as explorers in the Universe just like the Startrek episodes said we could. The Earth will be transformed into a planet of peace, enlightenment and respect. We will be able to welcome other alien species to our planet as friends and neighbors along with conducting business in a way that will enhance our technology for the better.

Replicators, sonic showers and technology to cure disease already exists throughout the universe now. Clothing that basically disappears from your body as you remove it, with no need to wash ever also exists. Temperature controlled environments without using fossil fuels exists as does building spaceships.  Zero point energy already exists, which means no drilling or poisoning the Earth anymore. The ability to communicate from planet to planet is something easily done. These are just some of the gifts other alien species wish to share with us. Arneesh told me that our species should have been in the stars over 200 years ago but the propaganda and dogma has held us in a perpetual state of ignorance on this planet.

Humans have been deliberately held back by the Reptilians who have lied about everything. It is the Reptilians that do not want us to have any of this technology because as their preferred slave race, they believe we are not entitled to have it.

I say hybrid Reptilian humans and the Reptilian race on earth can go suck a lemon. It is humanities time to shine and reach out into the Universe. Change is coming to Earth soon and there is nothing these creeps can do about it anymore.

I for one am looking forward to a dramatic change on Earth, how about you?