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Yesterday many beings in the spiritual realm started their own radio show.

Steven and Charles are the hosts of Spirit Airwaves with Victoria co-hosting. There are also female and male spirits popping in and out of conversations trying to educate humanity. The show becomes a mix of seriousness with added humor to break up the messages.

At this time these beings are using Blog Talk Radio as the platform to hold the show, until we have enough funds to start our own studio. That’s really what we all want because we can take calls and help other people in distress over the radio.

Join Us Here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/spiritairwaves

Many of the ideas and content comes directly from the spiritual realm who are speaking on a multitude of different conversations.

* None of what we ever talk about in these podcasts is pre-scripted conversations. This is mostly because spiritual beings have their own way of seeing things and speaking about them. I never tell any of them what to think or say. However whatever they say to humanity is for you to decide the validity of their conversations. 

Steven also mentions in this podcast they will tell YOU something about yourself if you ask them a question. A word of warning… do not be offended if the spiritual beings bring up something about your past, you didn’t want people to know anything about. I have no control over what they will reply to you. They speak as they perceive things to be from a spiritual perspective and that usually comes with blatant honesty.

These are spiritual -alien beings, so naturally they can also see into our memories, look down our family lineage or peek into bedrooms, offices and homes. Some of these beings are so old and powerful, they will run rings around most people’s intellect. I feel it only prudent to pre-warn anyone first, who thinks they may try and outsmart one of them.

Spirit Airwaves First Show: https://s3.amazonaws.com/ancients/SA1.mp3

Meet Gretchen

A few days ago Gretchen and Immesh joined in conversation. If you would like to hear that interview please click on the link below. Gretchen is a shield maiden that has her own ideas about feminism and what is happening on earth right now.

Immesh pops in with us and has a few little points that he makes about events he knows are also occurring on earth.

Listen to Gretchen’s Interview here: 


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