Meet Immesh From The Collective

Immesh Speaks About Life Extension Technology


A couple of days ago Immesh from The Collective spoke to everyone about Life Extension Technology. He also discussed events that are occurring on Earth or are about to happen in the near future.

Immesh is a very colorful spirit with his own views and opinions of humans, aliens and how humanity needs to be. It is a fun interview and Immesh is also planning on being a regular contributor to Spirit Airwaves when we begin transmission of that show.

Immesh Speaks:

Who Owns The Earth Podcast

We also have another podcast that both Mike and Victoria put together about what is happening between the Reptilians already on Earth and the Galactic Empire.

Even if you don’t believe what we are saying, we encourage everyone to do their own research on the subject matter we discuss.

Who Owns The Earth:

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*** I don’t expect everyone to believe that my husband and I channel or speak to aliens and spirits. Channeling and telepathy has it’s place in the universe and is used more than most human beings know. I am just repeating what is told to me and you don’t have to believe any of it.

However I will say this, have you ever noticed how people who see beyond the illusion and games, always come back with the same messages for humanity?

So if I am wrong where am I getting all this information from? I know some will call me demonic or deranged but considering the bible was supposedly written by spiritually connected prophets, maybe there is truth in what people like me are relaying to others. We live in exciting times and both the spiritual and alien realm is trying to connect with YOU now and warn of impending danger and humanities bright future. ***



What Really Happened In Egypt

Scholars Have Been Hiding The Real Truth


Three days ago Arneesh spoke to me about ancient Egypt. The stories about the pyramids being created to house the great Pharaohs, is simply not true. There are archaeologists who have questioned the purpose of the pyramids for years and have been made fun of for saying what they did.

The pyramids in Egypt were actually energy storehouses. Arneesh lived among other Egyptians in the time of the Old Kingdom-step pyramid. He told me he once took on the role of Horus. This was of course when aliens freely lived among the people in Egypt. It was a land of mixed alien species and humans living together in peace, actually it was pretty amazing. The buildings were beautiful to behold.

The Pyramids Could: help everyone communicate with each other. They used smaller devices that were somewhat like cell phones to help them contact anyone they needed.

The Pyramids Were: healing centers for the sick. Both natural healing  and alien technology was used inside the pyramids. Sound and crystal vibration techniques were also used.

The Pyramids Created: energy that radiated outwards for all to have freely.

The Boats On The Nile

The smaller boats on the Nile usually had one oarsman in the front and one in the back. Larger boats had more oars but didn’t always need them. It depending on who was riding on them at the time and how important they were.

The boats glided above the water and not in the water. The boats got their energy from the pyramids.  There were devices attached to the boats which helped them glide. The energy coming from the pyramids powered them. This energy was similar to tachyon waves and it flowed out of the pyramids for miles. It also powered light bulbs and other technology.


“The smaller boats ran all the time up and down, day and night, just gliding over the Nile. It was how we got from one place to the other in a hurry. In your culture it would be somewhat like running like a taxi service. We did the same with the boats.”-Arneesh

The hieroglyphs were carved with finite alien technology and they also used special technology to cut massive stones. They also used sound technology to move the stones to the pyramids when they were being built.

Egyptian buildings were huge and tall because they had 22 feet high Annunaki walking around.

Michael Tellinger is also telling the world truths about some of the ancient stone areas in Africa, he has found over the years. The truth is finally coming out. If you don’t know who Michael is look him up, he’s quite remarkable. Source:

I had the chance to meet him a couple of years back when he came to Boulder, CO. What he says about our ancient culture makes perfect sense. Now that Arneesh is also educating me the missing pieces do click together. Earth’s ancient culture has been hidden from humanity for centuries and it’s time to tell the real truth about it. 

Arneesh has also told me gold still remains in some of those ancient places. But don’t run out and get a shovel to find it because it’s not that easy. We are dealing with dimensional aliens who can travel through time and change events if they so deem. They will hold those locations and secrets to themselves. They have technology that goes undetected on this planet now, so good luck finding the gold.

They Used Energy From Crystals

Crystals are some of the most amazing natural rocks because they have the ability to resonate sound and energy. The Egyptians knew this and used great crystals around many of their places of worship.

Have you ever noticed the great pyramid is missing it’s cap?

pyraA huge crystal cap used to sit on the top of the great pyramid. It radiated light and energy similar to that of a lighthouse.

The cap was stolen as the Egyptians moved further into history. It is said the early archaeologist dug it up but never said anything about it.

I have been told the crystal is somewhere in an underground science bunker in the US. Our military is trying to figure out how it works, they have an idea but they are still testing it.

Beneath the pyramids was once running water which acted as a conduit for the energy. If you want to see the truth about one of earth’s most ancient cultures I suggest you watch the Pyramid Code here on YouTube. Much of what these scientist say in this series is the truth.


How many alien species use crystals

Another thing many aliens use crystals for are memories. They do not use currency the same way we do. Instead they use crystal memories and trade them. They can choose to eat food and even heal themselves by overlaying the memory in the crystal and using it.

Example: If someone has a disease on one planet and they need a cure, they would send out a call for the healing crystal that contains that particular remedy. Then overlay a memory and heal themselves.

The same can be said for favorite foods. Arneesh told me about a drink he was consuming one morning and it came from his favorite breakfast crystal. He was drinking something like a smoothie filled with fruits from this particular planet.  Arneesh overlays the memory of this event and he receives that same breakfast again.

Remember folks the Annunaki can travel back and forward in time, so this is no big deal for them to use crystals this way.

The Hieroglyphs

The Egyptian language was designed to grow as the person who understood it meanings could fathom. Let me explain: when a child starts out in school they learn the most fundamental words for reading and writing. We would not expect a 5 year old child to learn at a College level. The ancients knew that too. They didn’t want us to have something we couldn’t accept before we were ready for it.

Sometimes too much power before humans are ready usually corrupts and we see that see happening on earth now. The elites are corrupted with power and they believe by practicing their rituals it gives them more power over humanity.

Symbols are only a small part of having scionic abilities.

You must also understand the dimensional thinking and understanding that goes with scionics. You have to be responsible and not selfish about this amazing knowledge and share with others.  Teaching scionic skills will raise the positive energy across the globe and break the charm spell.

The hieroglyphs were given to humanity as a gift. The Annunaki wanted us to learn and made sure their messages were everywhere. For each level that we grow in our thinking and spirituality, the more we will come to understand the hieroglyphs. Another secret: The hieroglyphs were designed to be a living language. As you increase in scionic powers, we unlock different levels of the true meaning behind the language. This is truly remarkable when you think about it but that’s our potential. Our ancestors were able to do these things once.

Arneesh also told me what was missing in those “prayer ins” that occasionally happen on earth. The Buddhists sometimes do these and millions join in. They can be successful if people only practice on one singular thought. For instance: if someone prays or meditates on just the word LOVE with millions of other people at the same time,  it will work better. Too many thoughts and too many religions confuse all the energy at this time because of the negative thought across the planet.

ONE singular thought can energize others and break the charm spell. It’s something to think about. For when you have thousands of people concentrating on one thought, those people have the power to change and shift the energy on this planet.

That’s about it from me. Stay tuned I’m sure I will have more to say soon….

Stay Strong




Reptilian Aliens Live On Earth

12-09-2016 A Visit From Reptilians

I was awoken to a reptilian paying me a visit at about 3 am this morning. He came demanding energy from me and because my husband is a channel, this reptile who went by the name “Solrulk” also put his hands around my neck as he spoke to me. My husband was not aware this was going on because his body was completely taken over. However I have dealt with this kind of dominating behavior before from spirits and other alien species, so I learned over the years how to handle them. The trick is to NEVER show them you are afraid of their threats and behavior.

I demanded this reptile let go of me and that I wasn’t afraid of him. He was trying to be dominating with me and was even looking me over for breeding purposes as he touched personal areas on my body. There were other reptiles in the room with Solrulk and he was conversing with them about my body.

“I have had many human females at my pleasure for hundreds of generations. I take what I need and they are always willing to offer themselves up to me BUT this one I hunger for and she denies me the right to touch her. Notice how she covers up and pushes me away? No other female I took ever did these things. This female I strongly desire from my groin.” At this point I knew I had to be strong willed, I was not afraid of his threats and told him to take his hands off my neck again in a louder more annoyed tone. I then spoke to him in an ancient tongue which he completely understood and I furthered explained I was Annunaki and my ancestry came from the House of Anu.

Once he heard of my genealogy and who my protectors were, he let go of my neck and totally backed off. “Very well, I will leave now, know you have a place at our table and will be welcomed among us.” Solrulk said and then he departed.

The reptiles are not very friendly nor do they care for humans much at all. As a matter of fact they are arrogant, vulgar and destructive. They view the average human being as their slave and we make good food for them, especially if you are a child. So if you are wondering where the elite humans in this world get their nasty behavior from; you need not look any further than a reptile. Most of the ultra rich and those who work for the military and political circles are themselves hybrid Reptilians. Also those who work in the movie and music industry are also reptiles. Many of these people have already given themselves over to these creatures and feel these nasty aliens are the future of Earth.

I am here to say the Annunaki have their own plans on who runs the earth and it’s not going to be Reptiles.

The reptilian takeover of our human genes will not continue for much longer as this species have not abided by the rules set up by the Galactic Federation and yes there is such a thing. While the reptiles claim they were on Earth first before the Annunaki came, they did NOT create Humans but actually stole the DNA the Annunaki created and then decided to take it over.

Another deception is the reptiles are part Annunaki. That is not exactly true and they have deceived many humans into thinking this way.  The reptilians are afraid of the day when the Annunaki come back to earth and take their rightful place. These shape-shifting creatures lie about the Annunaki in order to deceive humanity.  They want us to believe it is the Annunaki that are the enemies of human beings when in fact many of the Annunaki want to see our earth survive and be good lords to us all.

The truth is, the reptiles have been a nuisance throughout other regions of the Universe and there are quite a few different alien species who now want them dealt with permanently. The reptiles were responsible for the fighting on other planets such as Venus and the destruction of the Lyran empire. These shape shifting beings will do the same thing to earth if they are not stopped now and why earthlings really need the Annunaki to help.

The Annunaki will not stand for the reptiles tampering with the human gene pool anymore. These powerful beings are coming back and yes, Nibiru is on it’s way.

I have spoken with King Anu himself along with other Annunaki beings who have also given me their names like:

Arneesh (Is the Annunaki Minister and Wing Commander for this region of space). He is also one of the ancient kings that once existed here on earth.

Ghee (He is similar to a microbiologist on earth. He studies the human gene pool and it’s purity. He studies which humans have more of the pure strain of Annunaki.)

Raysa (Is a savant with the Annunaki and knows all kinds of information. He has a brilliant mind.)

Humans are caught in an ongoing war between the Annunaki and the Reptiles and it’s about to come to an end. Many of the things now occurring on earth is the direct culmination of Earthlings who have subjected themselves to these nasty reptiles, who live off human fluids and flesh. The “Pizzagate” exposure is typical of taking the innocent and consuming their energy but it is only the surface of the deception humanity has been subjected to for a very long time.